temperature indicator controller / digital / with analog output / compact
LT23A, LT35A/LT37A, LT45A, LT47A



  • Measured value:


  • Display:


  • Other characteristics:

    with analog output, compact, with relay output

  • Applications:

    for RTD sensors, for temperature sensors, for thermocouples


Digital Indicating Controller LT23A, LT35A/LT37A, LT45A/LT47A Digital Indicating Controller LT23A, LT35A/LT37A, and LT45A/LT47A is digital controller using PID control which adopted new algorithm “High Performance PID” and “Overshoot Suppression Function”. Each model can set various parameters and also acquire data by using loader software.

- LT23A
Compact and affordable price. Comes with basic functions and operation is easy.

- LT35A/37A
Enhanced functions and high cost performance. Accuracy 0.2% and sampling cycle 0.3sec. standard model. Heating and cooling using control output 2 on full-multiple range input is available.

- LT45A/47A
Advanced model with various functions. Accuracy 0.1% and sampling cycle 0.1sec. All-in-one type comes with specification of LT35A/37A function upgraded with zone PID control and max. 8-point step operation etc.