temperature indicator controller / LCD display / with LED display / for RTD sensors
DB Series



  • Measured value:


  • Display:

    LCD display, with LED display

  • Applications:

    for RTD sensors, for temperature sensors, for thermocouples


In DB series, there are two types of controllers: new DB1000 which takes over functions of old DB1000 and function upgraded DB2000. Accuracy rating 0.1%, sampling rate 0.1sec., and size of 96×96m, DB series covers general functions required to the temperature controllers, all-in-one type controller.

- LED 5-digit display for PV and SV, and LCD dot matrix with backlight for lower display assures legible display, so operation is easy to understand.
- Easy setting operation along with easy-to-read display.
- Excellent controllability
- Multiple range input
- Eight types of SV values can be set as preset
- A variety of options such as two outputs for heating and cooling, transmission output, communication I/F etc.
- Conform to the CE marking

We also have a model which can be switched between conventional PID method and our original control algorithm Z control method, which is advanced type conventional PID. Z control is effective for over shoot suppress and shortening stabilizing time. Z control with energy conservation priority mode and rise up priority mode is available.