grease pump / pneumatic / self-priming / piston



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    unloading, high-pressure, for lubrication units



The TP pump is a pneumatically operated, single acting, piston pump. Discharge capacity is adjustable from 0.57cc to 1.1 cc per stroke. A high pressure ratio of 50:1, offers high outlet pressures, suitable for even the most robust of applications. The pump is available with a choice of 3 reservoirs, 2.3kg, 4.5kg and 5.0kg. A low level switch is standard on all units.

When air is supplied through the air inlet port, the air piston moves forward, compressing the return spring. Air is vented out through the air vent plug. As the plunger passes the lubricant inlet port, the remaining lubricant is ejected through the outlet check valve, into the main line. The stroke of the pump, and hence the outlet volume, is set with the output adjustment screw. This is accessible by first removing the retainer screw. The plunger contacts the end of the adjustment screw, signifying the end of the stroke. Once the air is exhausted through the 3/2 solenoid valve, the return spring pushes back the piston once more. Lubricant is drawn in through the lubricant inlet port and the outlet check valve seals the outlet port. An air bleed valve is additionally supplied, which is used in the priming of the pump to de-activate the metering chamber.