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The TRIMFIX® HellFire® is one of the most modern and versatile flap discs in the world.

Due to its unparalleled innovative ceramic hybrid technology, all metals can be machined in record time with just one grit. User-friendly since it contains no fibre glass components, and environmentally friendly since it uses CO2-neutral natural fibre components.

Working hours and tool costs are halved – and all for an absolutely outstanding value for money.

• Multigrain (40/60) for all metals (for steel, stainless steel, titanium, bronze, aluminium e.g.)
• New ceramic hybrid fabric allows grinding of workpieces with just one coarse to medium grit
• Fewer working steps due to grinding and finishing hybrid grit
• Grit 40 grinding removal with grit 60 optical results
• Natural fibre backing plate minimises odours and has a vibration damping effect
• Backing plate can be fully trimmed – entire disc can be used
• Grinding transitions are particularly soft due to optimum adjustment to workpieces
• User-friendly since there are no glass fibre components
• Avoids unnecessary storage required for different grits