stainless steel flap disc



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High performance flap disc with an extremely high proportion of abrasive cloth made from pure zirconium for maximum service life and material removal. Ideal for heavy-duty grinding tasks, such as in shipyards and steel construction. It is the problem solver for corners due to its large flap overhang.

• Perfect for low-cost treatment of welds in corners, on edges and fillet welds
• The large flexible overhang of the grinding flaps over the backing plate adjusts perfectly to the shape of a fillet weld
• Smooth blends on corner welds
• Clean, groove-free results
• Same grinding performance and service life as the MAGNUM® Cool Top® 5
• Backing plate made from specially developed food-grade, flexible plastic: easy to trim and has a damping effect on vibration
• Proven abrasive formulation (RZ zirconium plus cooling agent) guarantees huge benefits compared to conventional flap discs:
often up to 50 % faster in removing material, many times the length of service life compared to conventional flap discs and cooler grinding due to additional cooling agents