stainless steel flap disc



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    for stainless steel


• Longer, faster and more efficient grinding
• The ultra-powerful zirconium flap disc with backing plate made from food-grade plastic
• Proven abrasive formulation (RZ zirconium plus cooling agent) guarantees huge benefits compared to conventional flap discs: often up to 50 % faster in removing material, many times the length of service life compared to conventional flap discs and cooler grinding due to additional cooling agents
• For universal use with steel, cast iron and stainless steel. For surface and edge grinding, coarse and intermediate grinding, processing fillet welds, removing rust, deburring and cleaning castings
• Replaces not only fibre discs but also rough grinding discs in many companies
• The high degree of material removed and excellent service life make the MAGNUM® Cool Top® 5 not just better but also an absolutely better value-for-money solution compared to conventional flap discs
• Backing plate made from specially developed food-grade, flexible plastic: easy to trim and has a damping effect on vibration