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Since Eisenblätter brought the first flap disc with pure zirconium cloth onto the market for high-speed angle grinders at the end of the 70s, we have had a decisive influence on the development of the flap disc time and again with our innovative ideas. The natural fibre compound we use for our backing plates is the ideal material for the job. With the development of new backing plates made from natural fibre compound, PLANTEX® Cool Top® Universal was the first flap disc to be supplied throughout the world with a backing plate made from renewable hemp with polypropylene as the binding agent.

• Ultra-safe to work with
• Conserves resources and is environmentally sustainable
• Reduces pollution to a minimum from manufacture to disposal
• Absorbs heat (hollow fibre insulation reduces the temperature during grinding operations)
• Disc self-trims (i.e. the backing plate is automatically reduced during grinding operations) or can be gently machined to trim it down
• Easy disposal
• Superb insulating, damping and noise reducing qualities
• Excellent strength with low energy consumption
• High level of stability while remaining flexible
• Resistant to most chemicals
• CO2 neutral