spray nozzle / cleaning / for liquids / flat spray
DPL Serie



  • Function:

    spray, cleaning

  • Media:

    for liquids

  • Stream:

    flat spray

  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for surface treatment


Nozzle ball adjustable DPL model

The nozzle ball adjustable is easily mountable on the clamps ZPL
series and through NPL locking ring.
Available with a wide range of flow rates ranging from 3.9 to 22.3 lpm
at 3 bars, the standard spray angle is 60º.
Customized versions are available on request and with a capacity on
demand and eventually can be supplied with spray tip in stainless
steel or other material on request.
It’s the ideal product for rinsing applications, surface coatings and
cleaning, thanks to the plastic materials in which they are built
provide exceptional chemical resistance at high temperatures.

Polypropylene filled with talcum powder
Max. working temperature: