low-pressure die cast gas control unit

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low-pressure die cast gas control unit low-pressure die cast gas control unit


  • Applications:

    for low-pressure die cast


The low pressure die cast system uses a gas at low pressure, usually between 0.2 and 0.5 bar to push the molten metal into the mold cavity. An additional bottom purging system in the furnace may improve or stabilize the quality of the liquid aluminium and the casted end product. Target is to reduce the dissolved hydrogen, improve the density index and to bind oxideskin at the gas bubbles.

The gas regulation based on our Mass Flow Controller flox[on] B guarantees process control through fast and repeatable flow regulation also under difficult conditions. Flow and pressure through the Impeller or the Porous Plug are monitored continuously, so that critical process conditions could be indicated early. The level of automatization enables an automatic or semi-automatic treatment of the liquid aluminium.

• repeatable treatment process
• reliable process
• early failure indication
• accuracy in temperature distribution
• increase of homogenization
• increased aluminium quality
• process automatization