gas control unit

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gas control unit gas control unit - SAAC


The Shroud Anti Aspiration Control, SAAC system, provides shielding gas to the ladle shroud gasket. The shielding effect is used to protect the steel from air contact. Oxygen from ambient air may cause unwanted oxidic inclusions. Ambient air may cause also nitrogen enrichment, which may have a negative influence on some steel properties. To protect the steel stream inside the ladle shroud the FC Technik AG SAAC system provides different functions. The adequate function can be selected by operator interaction or by predefined system algorithm.


Pressure Control Mode:

In the Pressure Control Mode the SAAC system will regulate the positive pressure at the gasket according to process parameter. The Pressure Control Mode will be activated as long as the flow is within its limits. This is the standard operation mode when conditions are normal at the gasket.

Flow Control Mode:

In the Flow Control Mode the SAAC System maintains a constant flow rate according to the parameters. This mode of operation should be activated when the conditions at the gasket are unstable and undefined as well as when the flow rate required to maintain the predefined pressure exeeds certain limitations.

Anti Splash Mode:

The Anti Splash Mode can be activated manual, if the bath agitation is too high. In the Anti Splash-Mode the SAAC system regulates the flow to a predefined safe state flow rate. If the back pressure returns within its between the limits, the Regulation Mode will automatic change back to Pressure Control Mode. 3 lamps show the status indication.