gas control system

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gas control system gas control system


Gas purging of Aluminium to reduce Hydrogen, improve homogenization and for chlorination is a standard process step today for Aluminium production and recycling. Beside the plug, lance or impeller the gas control system is a key component of the installation. Our gas control systems provide the most important characteristics for such a process:

– reliability
– process control
– process reproducability
– high level of automation
– a safe process

The design of the gas control systems is according to the customers needs, mainly depending on the number of purging elements, process gases and the preferred kind of automation. To control inert gases like Argon and Nitrogen we use our Flox[on] mass flow controllers, they are very well approved for applications in the metallurgical industry.
FC Technik AG is an experienced manufacturer of Argon and Nitrogen purging systems as well as Chlorine systems.