pressure test unit

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pressure test unit pressure test unit


The test unit TST is designed to test the purging plugs in the ladle preparation area. This is to avoid purging failures in the following heat and to prevent the purging plug from unnecessary excessive cleaning (burning, torching) with oxygen.

Nitrogen or compressed air is used as test media. It‘s not allowed to use natural gas or any other inflammable gas.

Plug Test:

The plug test function generates an indication about the porous plug condition. At a predefined pressure setting the actual flow rate is measured. The actual flow rate defines the condition of the plug. Three levels are defined:


The actual flow rate is between a predefined upper and lower limit > the porous plug is in good working condition.


The actual flow rate is above the higher limit > there could be a leakage in the piping.


The actual flow rate is below the lower limit > the plug is blocked or partly blocked, oxygen washing could be required (depending on the plug type)

Oxygen washing support (Bypass): During the washing procedure with an oxygen lance, a continuous flow rate trough the plug is produced. The flow rate is monitored continuously, as soon as the flow rate exceeds a predefined limitation an indication is generated to stop further oxygen washing.

reproducibility and reliability, through numeric test result
reduction of porous plug consumption, through optimized oxygen washingsafety due to less burning/washing procedurestime savings