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flox[control] combi

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gas control unit gas control unit - flox[control] combi


The Combi Gas Control Unit flox[control] combi comprised all relevant purging-, shielding-
and control-functions.
Following processes can be determined:
• Controlled Ladle Purging (CLP)
• Regulation of the gas amount during casting at the ingots
• Shielding at the collector nozzle of the ladle
• Testing of the purging plug (TST) at the ladle preparation area


Ladle Purging (CLP)
All the required datas and parameters for the purching process are stored in the Gas Control Unit. This programm regulates the wohle process. The process parameters can be considered by the customer and adjusted individually. The functional diversity and a reliable reproducibility of the process are the highlights of flox[control] Combi.
During the casting the empty ladle can be filled with argon. The gas amounts fit then to the bath level of the ladle. The required inputs could be transmitted to the Combi Gas control Unit by a down tilt sensor.


The shielding unit prevents the contact of the liquid steel with air coming from the atmosphere. It protects against unwanted oxide inclusions. The risk of nitrogen increase will be avoided to prevent a quality reduction of the steel grade.

Test Unit (TST)

The test unit TST is designed to test the purging plugs in the ladle preparation area. This is to avoid purging failures in the following heat and to prevent the purging plug from unnecessary excessive cleaning (burning, torching) with oxygen. Argon, Nitrogen or compressed air are used as test media. It‘s not allowed to use natural gas or any other inflammable gas.