flue gas analyzer / methane / toxic gas / hydrocarbon



  • Measured entity:

    flue gas, methane, toxic gas, hydrocarbon, BTEX

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, calibration, VOC, for environmental assessments, gas chromatography based


Separation efficiency and signal-noise ratio enhanced by
utilizing adsorption, thermal desorption technology.
Complementary detection combined FID with PID in serial
for an optimal sensitivity.
⊙ Response time
Enable synchronous sampling and separation based on 2D
chromatography, time saving.
⊙ Reliability
Ignition and extinction safety automatically protected.
EFC, EPC control technology adopted.
⊙ User Friendly
Automatic calibration and span check.
Software based automatic maintenance and diagnosis.
Touch screen.