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power amplifier power amplifier


  • Type:


  • Frequency:

    Max.: 220 MHz

    Min.: 150 MHz


Field-proven in the US and overseas for years, the MDS Power Amplifier family provides robust transmit signal amplification for the 150 and 220 MHz bands. 900 MHz model availability is pending FCC approval.

Key Benefits

Provides 100% duty cycle for base stations and repeaters.
Increased transmit power extends wireless range.
Provides automatic transmit/receive switching for transceivers with a single antenna jack.
Can be used in transmit-only applications.
Plug and play with most transceivers and supports high speed transmit/receive switching for data radios with advanced MACs.
Simple to set up and use

Robust design with large heat sink for 100% duty cycle applications
No fans or other moving parts required
Field-adjustable TX power
User-selectable keying mode (RF detect or external key line)
Fast T/R turnaround for modern high speed data radio MACs
Efficient Class AB Operation

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