analog telephone / VoIP / SIP / IP



  • Network:

    analog, VoIP, SIP, IP, PoE, Ethernet

  • Protection class:


  • Applications:

    for railway applications, for tunnels, roadside, for marine applications, for underground mining

  • Other characteristics:

    weather-resistant, emergency, ringdown, sound-powered, with loudspeaker, help point, paging, with indicator lights, fire alarm, vandal-proof, with protection door, wall-mounted, handheld, waterproof, for harsh environments, with LED display, outdoor, with flashing beacon, intrinsically safe

  • Sound level:

    Max.: 85 dB

    Min.: 70 dB


Defend grade: GB 4208 - 93 IP 66 / IP67
Call capability of phone: GB/T 15279 - 94
Application scope: metro, light railroad, speedway, ship, mine, etc.
External configuration specification:
External dimension: 320*205*120mm Weight: 7Kg
Installment dimension: 139*260mm