analog telephone / IP66 / IP67 / for tunnels



  • Network:


  • Protection class:

    IP66, IP67

  • Applications:

    for tunnels, for marine applications

  • Other characteristics:


  • Sound level:

    80 dB


Model: KNSP-26 Analogue Portable Telephone
IP rating: IP67
Temp: -40C~75C

Robust Telephone for tunnel purpose made of GRP material by die casting. The Robust Telephone is rugged and durable. Special sealing design can ensure complete waterproof grade up to IP66. weatherproof , dustproof and moisture-resistant. The weatherproof telephone widely used in tunnel and outdoor. Most and power plant need Robust Telephone. marine need moisture-resistant robust telephones.

Power supply: line powered.
Ring: 80 dB @50CM
SIZE: 274*255*163mm
Box material: PP alloy steel
Weight: 4KG
Color available: Orange or Black
Easy operation:
open the door-->plug the connect plug into a proper telephone socket--> pick the handset and press the call button--> speaking--> hang up--> close the door.