inspection camera / detection / multi-spectral / CCD
Symphony II CCD

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inspection camera / detection / multi-spectral / CCD inspection camera / detection / multi-spectral / CCD - Symphony II CCD


  • Function:

    inspection, detection

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:


  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, high-speed, for spectroscopy, for microscopes


HORIBA Scientific’s Symphony II CCD detectors are array models with many benefits. They have a unique combination of high speed, good sensitivity, low noise, durability, etc… all in compact packages. All of the detectors in this series feature scientific-grade CCD sensors from major chip manufacturers. HORIBA Scientific works with these manufacturers to specify and develop the chips so that they become suited for scientific and spectroscopic processes. The most appropriate CCD detection system for an application depends upon the specific requirements of the application itself. Such requirements include the wavelength range, anticipated light levels or signal, and the resolution and spectral coverage. A selection of Scientific Grade 1 CCD chips is available. The trigger operation is smooth and easy. With SynerYJ software, full automation is possible.

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