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threaded insert / aluminum / round

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threaded insert / aluminum / round threaded insert / aluminum / round - X-750


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Inserts are supplied in this material for higher temperature capability and reliability applications. Inconel X-750 inserts have approximately the same strength and hardness characteristics of 304 stainless steel inserts, but can be used in environments up to 1,000° F. The material is a nickel-chromium alloy, made precipitation hardenable by the additions of aluminum and titanium. It has good rupture resistance at higher temperatures, good corrosion and oxidation resistance and a lower magnetic permeability than 304 stainless steel inserts (< 1.0 G/O). Typical applications include gas turbines, rocket engines, nuclear reactors, pressure vessels, and various aircraft components operating in higher temperature environments. The insert material is covered by specification AS7246.