operator terminal with keyboard / handheld / 480 x 272 / ARM Cortex-A8
KeTop T20 eco / techno



  • Interface:

    with keyboard

  • Mounting:


  • Resolution:

    480 x 272

  • Processor:

    ARM Cortex-A8

  • Other characteristics:

    TFT LCD, IP65

  • Screen size:

    3.4 in


The KeTop T20 can be operated by one-hand. The product comes with a maximum performance and it has even greater freedom during mobile applications. The processor of the product is OMAP3503 or ARM Cortex A8 and has OLED display that has 65536 colors, touch screen option can be availed upon request.It has Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating system and built-in Ethernet /RS 232-C/RS 422-A ports.