power transformer / isolation / electrical power supply / dry



  • Type:

    power, isolation, electrical power supply

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    test, control, laminated, safety, vacuum impregnation, step-up, AC, portable, high-impedance, rectifier, three-winding, compact, primary, single-phase, switching, secondary, flyback, low-frequency, low-voltage, with double secondary, low-loss, three-phase, K-factor, silicon-controlled rectifier, protection, frequency, custom, two-winding, three-phase to dual-phase, integrated, high-frequency, with choke, with copper windings

  • Applications:

    for switching power supplies, for electronics, industrial, for harsh environments, emergency power supply, telecommunications, for medical applications, for industrial applications, for indoor service, for photovoltaic applications, for marine applications, protection, for inverters, for outdoor service, for industrial use, for swimming pool spotlights, for railway applications, for IGBT, for UPS, for DC/DC converters

  • Electric power:

    Max.: 2,000,000 W (2,719.2423 hp)

    Min.: 50 W (0.068 hp)

  • Primary voltage:

    Max.: 1,000 V

    Min.: 1 V

  • Secondary voltage:

    Max.: 1,000 V

    Min.: 1 V


The single-phase and three-phase insulation transformers are equipped with either copper or aluminum windings. These units feature air-type cooling and can perform up to 2000 kVA, with a frequency up to a maximum of 1000 Hz.

Their insulation voltage is 5.5 kV with classes H, F and B. These units have a protection level of IP00.


- Temperature: 0°C ÷ 50°C
- Non-condensing humidity: 0% ÷ 95%

Compliance with the standards: IEC 726 and IEC 76 (power and distribution), EN 61558-2-2 (control), EN 61558-2-4 (isolating), EN 61558-2-6 (safety-isolating), EN 61558-2-15 (electromedical), UL 506, CSA 66/88 and Nema (for North-America), RINA (for naval applications)

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