automatic labelling machine / for self-adhesive labels / top / for chemicals



  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    for self-adhesive labels

  • Other characteristics:

    top, for chemicals

  • Applications:

    for the cosmetics industry, for the food and beverage industry, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Throughput:

    200 p/min


Automatic Flat Labeling MachineThis is Automatic Flat Labeling Machine, it’s applied to label the self-adhesive label on various flat surface products, asbooks , file folders , cases , cartons , bags , etc.This machine is widely used in electrical , pharmacy, foodstuff, beverage, cosmetic and chemical etcindustries.Features1.Adopt mature technology PLC control system, operation is stable and high-speed2.Using touch-screen control operating system, simple, practical, efficient;3.Adapt variety shape of object in top labeling;4.Screw adjustment to suppress body movements accurately;5.Synchronization chain mechanism ensure labeling smooth and precise calibration;6.Advanced technology of pneumatic code system, print batch number and expiry clearly.7.Transmission-type rolling bottles, make sure the labels attached more firmly;8.Labeling transparent label without bubble and wrinkle;Specification1.Label width: 20-150mm2.Label length:6-250mm3.Products Diameter: Length: 40mm-400mmWidth: 40mm-200mmHeight: 0.2mm-150mm4.Max Outside diameter of label roll: φ350mm5.Inside diameter of label roll: φ76mm6.Max Labeling speed: 200pcs /min7.Accuracy of labeling:±0.5mm8.Power: 220V/110V 50/60Hz 950W