video measuring machine / non-contact
max. 400x300x200 mm | MVseries



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Non-contact Video Measuring System MV Series are suitable for electronic, molding, press, spring, screw, tool, plastic, rubber, valve, camera, bicycle, motor parts, PCB, conduction rubber, interference board, lead frame and other precision industries.


This not-contact Vision Measuring Machine comprises of high resolution and accuracy CCD, continuous zoom lens, high precision linear scale and stage. this optical inspect instrument is a photoelectric measuring system with high precision and efficiency which is widely used in various precision industries.


• Video system: high resolution video camera
• Magnification: 0.7x~4.5x (28x~180X); optional additional object lens: 0.5x, 2x
• Illumination: adjustable illumination for surface and contour
• Power supply: AC110-120V, 200-240V, 50HZ, 30W
• Linear scale-X. Y .Z axis: 0.5µm resolution
• Digital readout: Metrology counter with RS232 output
• Accuracy: (2.5+L/150)µm, of which, L = length of the work piece measured ( unit: mm)
• Repeatability: 0.003mm
• Sighting device: cross-hair
• Software: 2D Measurement software