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optical stereo microscope optical stereo microscope


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The microscope body is the heart of our modular stereo design. It contains the objectives and prisms that capture the image of the specimen, magnify it, and direct it to the eyetubes. The body by itself cannot be used to view an object; it needs eyepieces that further magnify the image and allow the viewer to see, and it must be mounted on a stand that has a mechanism for raising and lowering the body to bring the specimen into focus.

Turret stereo bodies have two objective pairs in a turret mount that allows the viewer to change from one magnification to another (e.g. from 10x to 30x) by rotating the turret. While not as flexible as a zoom stereo (EMZ) body, turret bodies are more economical. Stereo Microscopes by Meiji Techno offers 4 different magnification combinations in both binocular and trinocular models, as well as a specialized extended working distance turret body (EMX-1) designed for users who need extra room to work with their hands under the microscope. All EM bodies come with dust covers and rubber eyeshields.