knife mill / horizontal / for cables / coarse powder
SM Series



  • Technology:


  • Orientation:


  • Material:

    for cables, coarse powder, for mixed waste, for organic waste, for plastics, for rubber, for PET bottles, for spices, for herbs, copper, mineral wool

  • Other characteristics:

    for recycling, heavy-duty, centralized, dry milling, high-speed, wet, edge trim, for pipes and profiles, high-performance, robust, powerful

  • Output:

    Min.: 150 kg/h (331 lb/h)

    Max.: 8,000 kg/h (17,637 lb/h)


These granulators are designed by Neue-herbold. The bearings of the rotor shaft are mounted within solid steel housings which offers more reliable service and eliminate any chance for the housings to crack or break under heavy shock loads. As opposed to flanged mounted bearings, outboard mounting prevents dust/fines from fouling the bearing nor grease from contaminating the granulate. Outboard mounting provides for a quieter and cooler operation.

Improved rotor designs eliminate any chance for the rotor knives to lift or loosen during heavy shock loads. The knife bolts attach to a removable and replaceable threaded clamp. The rotor flights nor the knife carrier are threaded preventing unnecessary drilling and tapping to repair stripped threads. Its totally welded housing can also be equipped with replaceable wear plates when operating with high impact or abrasive material.