ultrasonic NDT inspection device

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ultrasonic NDT inspection device ultrasonic NDT inspection device - UPU3000


The UPU300 is the Ultrasonic Measuring System manufactured by Optel. This system is used for delamination detection in chipboards. It was designed as a part of the online measuring system that identifies weak points and unbonded areas within the particle board. This machine can create bursts with frequency levels that can reach up to 30 or 50kHz, using 1kW power, and an amplitude of 1000V. It can receive and amplify ultrasonic signals with very high selectivity.

The ultrasound signal is delivered to the panels to check wood-based panels for unbonded areas, or air voids. Only 10% of the original signal is received for high-quality panels. Ultrasound signal is weakened so that only about 1% of the original signal will be delivered to the unbonded areas.