type 4 safety light curtain / multibeam / through-beam / IP65



  • Function:

    type 4 safety

  • Type of beam:


  • Configuration:


  • Protection level:

    IP65, IP67

  • Other characteristics:

    hand protection, body protection, muting, with integrated controller


With integrated Muting functions.
Two safety PNP static outputs, auto-controlled.
Hardware configurable models allow configuration of the Muting logic and functional parameters via the M12 12-pole main connector wiring.

Built-in, selectable manual/automatic Start/Restart.

M12 5-pole Muting sensor(s) connector for 2 or 4 external Muting sensors with one-way or two-way Muting logic.

Unshielded cables up to 100 meter long.

Protected height: 310 mm ... 2260 mm.

SM TRX models
Access control models 2, 3 or 4 beams.

With same characteristics of the SM models but with passive retro-reflector element.