low-pressure hose / low-temperature / plastic / stainless steel



  • Applications:

    low-pressure, low-temperature

  • Material:

    plastic, stainless steel


The suitable tube or hose for all conceivable requirements

in PA, PE, PVDF, PTFE, Stainless steel
PTFE hoses with stainless steel braid
in various dimensions

Characteristics, specialities
- fits the special requirements of SERTO unions
- tubes and hoses for special applications
- different materials available

Plastic tubing
Especially suitable for low pressure and low temperature ranges.

Cutting to length
Combination shears, scissors etc. can crush the tube ends and are often the cause for later splitting. The "SERTO Hose Cutty" is the ideal tool for clean cutting.

Thermal expansion
Plastic tubing has a high thermal expansion - or contraction. Proper installation requires consideration to the temperature-dependent dimensional changes.

Light and temperature stabilized
Plastic should not be exposed to direct sunlight, should not come into contact with hot components nor installed in hot areas. Black plastic tubing is preferred (light and temperature stabilized).