turbine flow sensor / for liquids / OEM / for leak detection
VTY 20



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    for liquids, OEM, for leak detection

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Possible areas of application Turbine flow sensor series VTY20 brass threaded

Turbine flow sensors of the series VTY were specially developed for the use in potable water mass production applications.
Sensors of the series VTY are used among others for the measurement of tap water.

The liquid flowing into the turbine flow sensor is split into individual jets by the guiding blade. These jets hit the rotor evenly from different directions, setting the rotor in motion. The rotation speed of the rotor is then converted to an electrical pulse signal (frequency): The rotors are fitted with magnets and a Hall effect sensor detects the rotation of the rotor. The VTI series has stainless steel pins in the rotor. An inductive proximity switch detects the rotor rotation. In both cases, a flow-proportional frequency signal (square-wave signal) is made available.
Given the uniform inflow to the bearing, the forces largely cancel themselves out and wear is reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials - sapphire and tungsten carbide - also guarantee an exceptionally long endurance.

Sapphire-supported turbine for long durability, specifically for the needs in mass production (OEM) in potable water applications
Turbine internals made of glass-fibre reinforced plasticc
Wide measuring span (1:60)
Flow proportional frequency output signal
Any installation position; practically independent from inlet section
Insensitive to water hammers
Thread connection