linear actuator / electric / ball screw / slide
LEFS series



  • Movement:


  • Type:


  • Technology:

    ball screw

  • Other characteristics:


  • Stroke :

    Max.: 1,000 mm

    Min.: 50 mm

  • Speed:

    1.2 m/s (3.937007874 ft/s)


LEFS Electric Actuator, Slider Type, Ball Screw Drive
The original LEFS slider features an inline motor with a cover. Because the motor drives the ballscrew directly, additional cost of a belt and pulley system is avoided. The motor cover is taller than the load platform, so be aware of potential interference at the origin position.

Body sizes: 16, 25, 32, 40
Maximum work load: 60 kg
Maximum speed: 1200 mm/s (H lead, step motor, size 25 or larger)
Stroke range: 50 to 1000 mm in 50 mm increments
Positioning repeatability: ±0.02 mm
Motor types: high load step motor or high speed servo motor