SMT pick-and-place machine / for LEDs / automatic / with optical alignment system



  • Applications:

    for SMT, for LEDs

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, with optical alignment system, stand-alone



The QM3000 is our largest automatic pick and place machine model with a full vision inspection system. This model has been in the SMTmax line up for over 10 years and our top seller. The 56 feeder capacity and 18"(457mm) ×12"(304mm) working area along with its 3,500 PPH rate is ideal for customers that are ready to start assembling in-house. It’s ideal for SMT manufacturing and producing prototypes, this highly flexible pick & place machine can be fitted into a turnkey line by selecting the internal conveyor option. It operates with dual pick and place heads with a 3,500 parts per hour placement rate.


• 3500 estimated pph(parts per hour)
• 18"(460mm)×12"(304mm) working area (QM3000)
• Placement of 0402 standard (upgrade for smaller parts)
• Computer vision automatic centering system for IC's (SOP, QFP, BGA) and better placement of small parts
• Fully programmable digital Z-axis and Theta rotation angles
• X and Y axis 0.0005" resolution, 0.001" positioning, 0.045° rotational resolution
• 56 feeder capacity-standard for QM3000
• Automatic PCB board position correction with fiducial recognition included
• Automatic post-place vision inspection
• CAD file convert function
• Gerber file convert function
• Selective soldering function built in (optional hot air gun mounting adaptor)
• 12 month full factory warranty - parts & labor
• Easy to use graphic software for quick programming. Programming can be done with teaching video camera, on screen Gerber file graphics or CAD file
• 110V AC 60Hz, or 220 V AC, 50Hz, 750 watts electrical
UL Ready
• 60 psi shop air required
• QM3000 900 lbs. net weight