natural gas CHP plant

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natural gas CHP plant natural gas CHP plant - REC+


  • Motor type:

    natural gas

  • Power in kW:

    Min.: 20 kW (27.19 hp)

    Max.: 600 kW (815.77 hp)


Delivers: Always: Electricity, Hot Water
Optional: Chilled Water, Steam, Hot Air
Consumes: Mainly natural gas, but may also run on biogas (biomethane), Diesel, LPG
Suitable sectors: Industrial, Service, Agricultural
Examples: Factories, Hotels, Airports, Office buildings, Farms
Installation: Indoor, Outdoor

REC+ (Recovery Energy Cycle) is an energy system designed to dramatically reduce the energy costs of medium and large energy consumers, which operate all year round and which simultaneously consume electric and heating energy or electric and cooling energy. It is a compact system that can be installed outdoors or indoors. It is based on the principles of cogeneration and trigeneration, or in other words, it delivers two or more kinds of energy simultaneously. Its core is an internal combustion engine which can be powered by different kinds of fuel – ideally natural gas, but other possibilities are diesel, LPG, biogas, biomethane, depending on the most cost-efficient fuel option available. In addition to lower energy costs, REC+ ensures drastic reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as lower dependence on the grid.

Cogeneration is a technology for the combined generation of thermal energy and electric energy. It is also popular under the name of combined heat and power, abbreviated as CHP. The technology requires a primary energy source, the most widely used currently being natural gas, diesel fuel, biomass and biogas. It is constantly evolving so even innovative hydrogen installations are already being tested for the market.