free cooling chiller / air / water / industrial



  • Material:

    water, air

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    free cooling, low-temperature

  • Power:

    Min.: 50 kW

    Max.: 1,200 kW


Delivers: Cooling
Consumes: Electricity
Suitable sectors: Industrial, Service
Installation: Indoor, Outdoor

FCCP is a compact and HIGHLY EFFICIENT industrial cooling system. It substantially reduces cooling energy costs in manufacturing industries and data centers, where cooling is needed throughout the year. Based on the principle of free cooling, the intelligent system automatically switches off the consumption of electricity when outdoor temperatures reach a predefined level. For industries in mild and cold climate zones, the system can deliver this free energy for up to 6 months in a year. It is a smart alternative to traditional chillers.

Free cooling systems, also called free cooling chiller plants, can be based on air-cooled or water-cooled electric chillers. Both integrate a “traditional” cooling mode with a free cooling mode when the ambient temperature values are appropriate. In the free cooling mode, the chiller compressors are automatically switched off and the only consumption of electricity is dedicated to the circulation pumps and fans, which ensure the distribution of the generated useful cooling energy.
The choice between the two technologies is determined by a number of factors, such as the availability of water and its cost, the available space for a chiller, the cost of electricity in the particular country and the period of time during the year in which free cooling can be used. Water-cooled chiller plants reach higher energy efficiency rate compared to air-cooled such, and occupy significantly less space.