biogas cogeneration plant / biomass



  • Motor type:

    biomass, biogas

  • Power in kW:

    Min.: 20 kW (27.19 hp)

    Max.: 600 kW (815.77 hp)


Delivers: Electricity, Thermal Energy, Cooling Energy
Consumes: Biomass or biogas (biomethane)
Suitable sectors: Agricultural, Industrial (Agri-food industries)
Installation: Indoor, Outdoor

BIOMAX is an energy system which transforms organic biomass into electricity and thermal energy simultaneously. In addition, cooling energy is also an available option. It is a TURNKEY system based on the HIGHLY EFFICIENT principles of cogeneration and trigeneration, and is suitable for farms, cooperatives, agri-food industries, municipalities, etc. – any setting where there is plenty of organic waste or residues. In many parts of the world, there are financial incentives for the generation of electricity from biomass, but even without such incentives, BIOMAX is a very attractive, RELIABLE and eco-friendly energy investment with high return.
Biomass and its derivative - biogas - have been used as a heat source for ages. The traditional and still most widely spread way in which biomass is used though - the burning of wood for heating – has a very low efficiency and is a source of air polluting emissions. Yet, biomass is an important source of renewable energy which cannot be discarded and the global efforts are concentrated in changing the way it is used, optimizing its efficiency.