biodiesel production reactor / catalytic / batch / continuous-flow



  • Type:

    catalytic, batch, continuous-flow

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, with mixer

  • Applications:

    for biodiesel production


Delivers: Biodiesel
Consumes: Vegetable waste

BIODIESEL CTP is a compact system which transforms vegetable oil into biodiesel. It is a containerized (PLUG & PLAY) plant which integrates all the necessary equipment for the process. It is also available as a TURNKEY solution, including peripheral cooling and heating equipment, storage tanks – for the raw materials, residual products and for the biodiesel itself, together with all interconnections. The high efficiency of the system is achieved through its ad-hoc engineering design and the multiple recovery points of the production process residues.
The main raw material for the production of biodiesel, besides oilseeds, is also the waste (used) oils and animal fats from the mass caterers. It is known that fats are esters of trivalent alcohol glycerol and three molecules of higher fatty acids, which is why they are also known as triglycerides (triacylglycerols).

For the production of biodiesel from oils and fats mainly three processes are used - catalysed by transesterification of the oil, direct acid catalyzed transesterification of the oil, conversion of the oil into its fatty acids and then - in biodiesel. Most of the biodiesel produced today is a transesterification-catalyzed base. The reasons for the preference of this process are primarily its economy, its flow at low temperatures and pressure, and the provision of a conversion rate of up to 98%.