energy heat recovery system / generator



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    energy, generator


Delivers: Always: Thermal Energy
Optional: Steam
Consumes: Recovers waste heat from installed gensets
Suitable sectors: Industrial, Service, Agricultural
Examples: Factories, Hotels, Airports, Office buildings, Farms
Installation: Indoor, Outdoor

KitCOG is a system which delivers thermal energy for free to buildings with diesel or natural gas generators (gensets). The source for this free energy is the waste heat, which is generated while the genset is in operation. It is a compact system, which can be installed both outdoors and indoors. All equipment needed for the waste heat recovery is installed and interconnected in a container (outdoor version) or into a solid skid (indoor version). As long as the generator works to produce electricity, KitCOG will deliver completely free thermal energy, without increasing the fuel consumption of the generator. Depending on the end user's needs, the free energy can be delivered as hot water, steam and/or chilled water.
Manufacturing industries. Waste heat is abundant in manufacturing industries. Starting from the most obvious – industries with furnaces such as metal foundries, glass melting factories, etc. – to any factory with a chimney stack or a boiler.
Generators. Buildings whose electricity comes from generators have plenty of waste heat which can save the entire winter heating cost for the entire building or cooling during the summer.
The waste heat recovered from a genset can be in the form of hot water of up to 90 degrees or steam of up to 8 bar of pressure (in some cases we can reach higher pressures). It can also be transformed into cooling energy thanks to absorption chiller.