turbine mixer / batch / paint / powder

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turbine mixer / batch / paint / powder turbine mixer / batch / paint / powder - TRH


  • Technology:


  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    paint, powder

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, clean-in-place (CIP)


The use of a high speed rotating rotor drives the liquid flow to generate a strong vertical liquid circulation so that the entire liquid in the diversion chamber is microcosmically mixed. In addition it can generate certain shear turbulent for microcosmic mixture. Furthermore the circulation helps the nixed liquid to be distributed in the vessel and the entire liquid can be thoroughly dispersed and mixed in way that is not possible by traditional mixers.

It used in applications in reconstituted milk, milk beverage, yoghurt, syrup, salt, starch, silk powder, CMC, vaccine, fat milk suspensions. In preparation of shampoo, body wash , kabo, enzyme, liquid hand wash ,hair spray, cleaning agent, nano-material, resin, Bitumen, Alumina, polymer, pigment, white carbon, black dye, paste, paints, Bentonite ,White titanium pigment, Quartz powder, Carbon black, White carbon black etc.