hydraulic cylinder / double-acting / aluminum
hydraulic cylinder
VHTL 500 / 1000

Stroke : 500 mm - 1,000 mm
Force: 50 kN - 70 kN

Light aluminium alloy cylinder, 500 mm stroke (1 piston) or 1000 mm stroke (2 pistons). Tensile force 70 KN or 50 KN. The cylinder functions as load bearing , either as a cable joint ...

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hydraulic cylinder / single-acting / hollow-plunger / aluminum
hydraulic cylinder
CMF series

Stroke : 50 mm - 160 mm
Force: 123 kN - 947 kN

The single-acting hydraulic cylinder from the CMF Series is designed with a smooth hollow plunger that twists into the bore of the rod. It is equipped with an anti-wearing property to provide a protective cover for the ...

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Euro Press Pack Spa Unipersonale
pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / ISO / aluminum
pneumatic cylinder

Force: 483 N - 7,363 N

... The availability in TANDEM execution (such as multi position, front and rear opposed and double thrust), along with the aluminum profile included, which comes with slots for magnetic sensors, are other important features ...

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hydraulic cylinder / single-acting / aluminum
hydraulic cylinder

Stroke : 6 in

... base-plated for increased durability. All body, base and plunger are hard coat anodized. The highest strengths of aluminum alloys are used and heat treated to provide the maximize combination of strength and fracture ...

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Zinko Hydraulic Jack
electric cylinder / trapezoidal screw / worm gear / orthogonal
electric cylinder
ELC series

Force: 5,000 N - 350,000 N

Description 11 models ECL 0.5 to ELC 35 Max thrust from 5kN to 350 kN Two Worm Gear ratios, Normal and slow Push rod is Guided in external protection tube Suitable for manual operation and Electric Motor Standard head with internal ...

pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / for heavy loads / aluminum
pneumatic cylinder
Class 5A NFPA

Class 5A: Light-Weight, Heavy Duty, NFPA Aluminum Cylinders

hydraulic cylinder / single-acting / aluminum
hydraulic cylinder
GRAC series

Stroke : 50 mm - 200 mm

... -acting cylinders for use in all positions. Rigid Aluminum alloy body. 50T,100T and 150T cylinders with handles for easy handling. The ring can avoid the plunger over-reach, ...

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pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / magnetic piston / vacuum
pneumatic cylinder
HZ20 series

Stroke : 5 mm - 100 mm
Force: 125 N

... the housing groove. Load is applied only in the axial direction. The housing is made of anodized aluminum and suction holder is made of aluminium. The cylinder has a traction of 125N ...

rotary vane cylinder / pneumatic / double-acting / corrosion-resistant
rotary vane cylinder
PV series

Torque: 0.69 Nm - 30.96 Nm

PV rotary vane actuators are available in four sizes and torque range 0.69 to 30.96Nm at 6 bar. With two versions, a 280° single vane and a 100° double vane that produces twice the torque output from identical envelope dimensions.

hydraulic cylinder / aluminum
hydraulic cylinder

Master, Slave and Wheel Cylinders Simply put, the master cylinder generates hydraulic pressure that is transmitted via the brake fluid to either the wheel cylinder, in drum brakes, or ...

pneumatic cylinder / aluminum profile
pneumatic cylinder
PAS series