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centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 60 m³/h | VBM3

The VBM 3 centrifugal blowers provide the flow of 60 cubic meters...

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 118 m³/h | VBM4

Flow 69cfm (118M³/hr)

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 164 m³/h | VBL4

Air Control Industries presents the VBL4, forward bladed, backward curved centrifugal fan. Its technical...

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 168 m³/h | VBM5

The curved and forwarded bladed centrifugal fan offers flow rates of up to 99cfm (168M³/hr)...

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 280 m³/h | VBL5

Flow 165cfm (280M³/hr)

centrifugal fan / DC - 8 - 60 V, 86 - 104 m³/h | REF 100-11 series

Particular design features: Pressure-optimised blower. Very flat and high-performance centrifugal fan. Optional Vario-Pro: Highly flexible software configuration...

centrifugal fan / compact - max. 190 m³/h , 9 - 60 V | RER 101-36 series

Particular design features: Optional Vario-Pro: Highly flexible software configuration for the fan ensures an easily customisable solution...

centrifugal fan / DC - max. 390 m³/h , 16 - 60 V | RER 120-26 series

Particular design features: Very smooth running 3-phase fan drive. Very high pressure build-up. Backward curved impeller. Standard...

centrifugal fan / AC - max. 166 m³/h, 7 - 230 V | RER 125-19 series

The 500 g AC centrifugal fan is made of external rotor shaded-pole motor and includes impedance protection...

centrifugal fan / DC - max. 565 m³/h, 16 - 72 V |RER 133-41 series

Particular design features: Very smooth running 3-phase fan drive. Very high pressure build-up. Backward curved impeller. Standard...

centrifugal fan / for circular ducts - ERR series

Centrifugal duct fan
Application examples : Machine extraction unit, Workplace air extraction system, Production site, Storage facility,...

centrifugal fan / for circular ducts - ERR N series

This robust Centrifugal Duct Fan is specifically designed for commercial use and is meant for applications such as workplace air extraction system, machine extraction unit,...

centrifugal fan / soundproof - ESQ, DSQ series

Quickbox ESQ, DSQ
Sound-insulated centrifugal fans with exhaust air connection which can be fitted in various ways
Sound-insulated radial fan for indoor or outdoor fitting, alternating current

centrifugal fan / air duct - EFR series

Centrifugal flat box EFR
Centrifugal duct fans with narrow dimensions for fitting in very tight situations

centrifugal fan / for rectangular ducts - DSK series

DSK EC is a Sound-Insulated Channel Fan that offers quiet performance. It is compact enough for quick and simple installation in small spaces. It is fitted with a swivel fan to allow easy cleaning. Low costs of maintenance, EC technology that reduces energy consumption,...

centrifugal fan / explosion-proof - DT series

The DT series blowers are designed to deliver outstanding results in the conditioning of air for a wide array of applications. The blowers encompass built-in drain-hole and manhole. The housing is optimized to facilitate the smooth, unhindered flow of air, with a super-smooth internal surface. It also enables easy inspection, maintenance and cleaning...

centrifugal fan / air duct - MUB/T series

The Thermo Multibox consists of backward curved...

centrifugal fan / air duct - 1.05 - 4.4 m³/s | MUB series

The MUB Thermo Multibox operates at 1.05 to 4.4 m3/s. Designed by...

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 0.3 - 0.8 m³/s | CE series

Systemair presents CE centrifugal fans with single inlet. The fans feature forward-curved...

centrifugal fan - 0.75 - 2.2 kW | ZWR series

ZWR fans have been designed to work with Oskar Air Products source capture devices as well as with clean or polluted air extraction installations. Aluminium...

centrifugal fan - 3 - 39 m³/min | CS, MS, FMS series

The Sirocco Blower is a futural device. Designed by Chuan-Fan Electric Co. Ltd. it...

centrifugal fan / extraction - ø 125 - 200 mm, 0.37 - 0.75 kW | P-Max series

The P-Max fans are well built to extract smoke, gas and lighter dust....

centrifugal fan / mobile - ø 125 - 200 mm, 0.37 - 0.75 kW | Mobi-Fan

This mobile fan product is suitable for several applications, including lighter dust, gases and even smoke. The powerful construction makes the product easy to use for servicing, repairing and other temporary work tasks. The item is perfect for extracting...

centrifugal fan / mobile - ø 125 - 200 mm, 0.37 - 0.75 kW | Mobi-Fan

- High-efficiency fans in all power ratings

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 185 - 260 m³/h | TREA series

The external rotor motors designed by ECOFIT can be supplied with either IP 20 or IP 44 protection. The motors with IP...

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 185 - 260 m³/h | GREA series

Single inlet centrifugal fans
The variety available in this series has centrifugal impellers (TRE)...

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 240 - 785 m³/h | TRE series

This range of single inlet centrifugal fans from ECOFIT is comprised of centrifugal impellers (TRE) and...

centrifugal fan / single-inlet - 107 - 785 m³/h |GRE series

Single inlet centrifugal fans
The variety available in this series has centrifugal impellers (TRE)...

centrifugal fan / double inlet - 400  - 880 m³/h | GDS series

This is thed ouble inlet centrifugal fans GDS series. The variety available in this series has centrifugal...

centrifugal fan / double inlet - 400  - 880 m³/h | GDS series

Blowers in plastic material that allow the orientation and amplitude of blown air distribution for a greater...

centrifugal fan - 54 000 m³/h | TFV 1200

The TVF 1200 heavy duty radial fan is designed to deliver outstanding air circulation over considerably long distances. The fans can convey large volumes of air up to a maximum 54,000 m³/h. It is geared to handle exceptionally high air pressures of 45,000 m³/h (2,150 Pa).

The fans are equipped with the ability to discharge air...

centrifugal fan / high-pressure / explosion-proof - 33 600 m³/h | TFV900ex

Radial fan TFV 900 Ex

With special coupling elements for the Ex-protected models which comply withATEX guidelines and which are licensed for use inzones 1 and 2 (gas explosion protected) and zones 21and 22 (dust explosion protected).

Technical data TFV 900 EX:
Air flow rate free blow out: 33,600 m³/h
Air volume
(air pressure): 25,000 m³/h (1,900...

radial fan / explosion-proof - 7 000 m³/h | TFV300ex

The TVF 300 EX blower has air flow free blow out stands at 7,000 m³/h with Air volume (air pressure) of 5,000 m³/h (1,900 Pa). The air current and the blowout suction Air Discharge speeds stands at 27 m/s (97.2 km/h). Fan stages...

centrifugal fan - 2300 m³/h | TFV 30 S

These exceptionally adaptable fans produce a outstanding and persuasive performance in every circumstance. The casing of this condensed fan is manufactured of virtually indestructible polyethylene, which substantially reduces weight making for...

centrifugal fan / mobile - 400 m³/h | TFV 10 S

The TFV 10 S is made of virtually indestructible polyethylene which means that it is light and easy to handle yet still sturdy enough to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. The parts inside the TFV 10 S are all made of metal. This is not only a further indication that the turbo fans are designed to cope with the demands that are put on them on a daily basis, it also shows that they are...

centrifugal fan - 350 ℃,635025~1305751 m³/h

Volume:635025~1305751 m³/h
Total Pressure:8458~4781 Pa
Working Temperature:350℃
Applications: Petroleum, Cement, Chemistry, Electric Power etc.


radial fan / circulation / suction - 180 °C, 8500 Pa, 228000 Nm³/h

Volume: 3800 Nm³/min
Outlet Pressure: 8500 Pa
Inlet Pressure: -5000 pa
Working Temperature: 180℃

The product is designed by...

centrifugal fan - 850 °C

All Hydrogen Bell-type Furnace Fan

Medium temperature:...

centrifugal fan - 10800 m³/h

Mechanical vapor recompression centrifugal fan

Medium: steam (inc.SO2、HCl etc)
Volume: 180 m³/min
Inlet Pressure: 20 Kpa(A)
Outlet Pressure: 24 Kpa(A)


centrifugal fan / curved / air  - 1216020 m³/h


Centrifugal fan with curved vanes and same speed reduction
Volume: 1216020 m³/h
Pressure: 3955 Pa
Working Temperature: 20℃
Total Pressure...

centrifugal fan / curved / air  - 1216020 m³/h

Only Cattin Filtrations experience can offer customers the best choice in transport fans....

centrifugal fan / curved / air  - 1216020 m³/h

Centrifugal Fan (Industrial Fans)

Single and double suction as;
Flow Rate: 100 1.000.000 m3/h

centrifugal fan / combustion air - 3 000 - 3 100 rpm | CV-4, CV-5

Introducing the most versatile, easiest to install, easiest to service, all inclusive combustion air/vent system ever made.
A - Telescoping...

centrifugal fan / backward curved - VQR

The VQR-I series fans are specifically designed for multi-tasking. They are geared for use in industries and commercial establishments, to provide outstanding heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and filtering services....

centrifugal fan / in-line / for air ducts - VRE, FLA series

The series VRE/FLA completes the series of centrifugal fans for ducted systems.

It has been studied to obtain easy, pratical and rapid insertion in rectangular...

centrifugal fan / in-line / for air ducts - 500 - 6 500 m³/h | VRE series

VRE serie represents the most modern and cheapest solution used in duct systems.

This series has been designed to be directly connected into...

centrifugal fan / in-line / for air ducts - 500 - 6 500 m³/h | VRE series

Centrifugal boxed ventilators, each one composed of: galvanized steel sheet

structure, back ward-bladed centrifugal impeller...

centrifugal fan / with forward inclined curved blades - max. 16 500 m³/h | VZ series

Aspirnova presents VZ series centrifugal fans. They are ideal for blowing of air and fumes without dusts. They can handle a maximum temperature of 60°C. The fans offer airflow up to 16500 m3/h, and static...

centrifugal fan - F series

Developed for use with particle-rich air

Fumex fans are designed to comply with the specific requirements applicable to local extraction systems.


centrifugal fan / for circular ducts - IKTS

Imeksan offers IKTS series radial ventilators. These units are suited for areas with high human concentration. Their unique design and construction eliminates the need...

centrifugal fan / for rectangular ducts - IKTD

The IKTD series radial ventilators are perfectly suitable ventilators that are used in places of human concentration. Because of their design and construction specialties,...


How to choose this product


Centrifugal fans have a spiral shape, their turbine displacing air by centrifugal force. The suction inlet is axial and the outflow is radial. They are common in public and industrial facility ventilation.


These devices are used for ventilation, heating and air conditioning, for supplying air to ovens and for tunnel ventilation. Different models exist for clean, dusty, dry, humid or corrosive air.


Such fans are composed of an inlet device, a paddle-wheel turbine, a streamlined spiral case (the scroll) and a base. The inlet and the turbine can have single or double intakes. Fan geometry can favor either flow or pressure.

A forward curved impeller has blades curved in the direction of fan rotation. Straight radial blades are self-cleaning and relatively unaffected by dust and humidity, but are comparatively less efficient. If the concave side of the blades faces away from the direction of rotation, it is a backward curved impeller.

The motor coupling is usually direct and fixed-speed. It also can use variable-speed V-belts. Fans are carefully designed to achieve optimum stability and minimum noise. They are made of aluminum or of stainless steel. The blades are welded or bent.

How to choose

Consider the characteristics of the air to be moved and the required airflow rate or air pressure. Load curves can help determine the technical parameters necessary for fan dimension calculations.

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