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Circuit boards
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The Electronic Boards by CIERRE ® produces traditional and SMT boards for the civilian, Industrial, Automotive, White and Machinery Agriculture...

circuit board - -30 ... -10 dB | FV-127JP

Audio messages can be registered in a maximum of 127 channels...

circuit board - -30 ... -10 dB | FV-127JP

The QUAD INDUSTRIES can handle prototypes and small to medium volumes, through manufacturing on their it's automatic production lines, that contain a screen printer for paste and glue printing, a pick & place machine, a reflow oven and an automatic...

circuit board custom - Fujimetax

Good heat dissipation
High mechanical...

circuit board custom - Fujimetax

Designed to plug into the CX-Basic Serial Encoder Board to add speech option


circuit board - SM018

Plugs into CH024/CH034 serial encoder boards to add speech option

Audio output 2.5W


circuit board custom - 5922

We put as many interfaces on this Application Board as we could so you can explore the capabilities of the VM2 controller range:
Ethernet on RJ45 socket
MicroSD memory card socket for GBytes of fixed storage
USB Host controller...

circuit board custom - 5902

Application Board 2 is the predecessor to Application...

circuit board custom - 5 - 16 VDC, 50 mA | 5905

Application Board 1 is also called the Breakout Board because all the VM2 pins are taken to prototyping areas for you to develop your own circuits....

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