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1 products PATLITE
PATLITE -30 ... -10 dB | FV-127JP
Speech synthesis -30 ... -10 dB | FV-127JP PATLITE

Audio messages can be registered in a maximum of 127 channels...

Quad Industries
Custom Quad Industries

Quad Industries can offer you complete Printed Board Assembly services. We are organized and equipped to handle prototypes and small to medium volumes in our Belgium factory, where we have an automatic...

1 products CIERRE

CIERRE produces traditional and SMT boards for the civilian, Industrial, Automotive, White and Machinery Agriculture market. The department occupies a location especially dedicated to 400 sq....

Fujikura Europe Limited Fujimetax
Custom Fujimetax Fujikura Europe Limited

Features Good heat dissipation High mechanical...

Fujikura Europe Limited
Flexible printed Fujikura Europe Limited

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC’s) with their ultra-thin construction, unique flexibility and compact 3D designs...

2 products Dewhurst
Speech synthesis Dewhurst

Designed to plug into the CX-Basic Serial Encoder Board to add speech option...

Dewhurst SM018
Speech synthesis SM018 Dewhurst

Plugs into CH024/CH034 serial encoder boards to add speech option Audio output 2.5W...

2 products Micro-Robotics
Custom Micro-Robotics

In use, a VM2 controller is normally plugged into an ’application board’. The VM2 provides the CPU functions...

Printed PCB Micro-Robotics

This adapter PCB provides both a mechanical and an electrical interface between the Hitachi TX14D16VM1CPC display (described above) and...

9 products Hypertac
Hypertac 8 A | CI-D
PCB connector 8 A | CI-D Hypertac

The PCB connectors are medium density PCB to cable connectors with two contact rows that has an offset grid contact layout with two contact rows within...

Hypertac 4 A | HPD/HPP/HPF/HPM
Medium density PCB connector 4 A | HPD/HPP/HPF/HPM Hypertac

The HPD/HPP/HPF/HPM PCB Connectors are highly dependable medium-density signal connectors with 2 and 3 contact rows that are designed for Mil/Aero, Space, Marine,...

Hypertac 5 A | CSC
Medium density PCB connector 5 A | CSC Hypertac

3 Contact Row Signal Connectors • Offset-grid contact layout, three contact rows within dielectric connector body, 2.54...

Hypertac 8 A | KJB
Medium density PCB connector 8 A | KJB Hypertac

PCB Connectors are designed for harsh environment and can be used in rail transportation...

Hypertac 4 A | KGA
PCB connector 4 A | KGA Hypertac

This connector in the KGA PCB line is for industrial use. Approved by French Railways, it is a single-row...

Hypertac 6 A | KB
PCB connector 6 A | KB Hypertac

PCB Connectors are widely known for its high sturdiness. This great innovation...

TE CONNECTIVITY - CONNECTORS 0.156 in, 18 - 26 AWG | MTA-156
IDC PCB connector 0.156 in, 18 - 26 AWG | MTA-156 TE CONNECTIVITY - CONNECTORS

The MTA-156 IDC connector system provides the lowest applied cost for any board mounted systems. It can be applicable to either a wire-to-board and wire-to-wire system...

PCB D-Sub connector 0.8 - 2.16 mm | CHAMP TE CONNECTIVITY - CONNECTORS

The ever growing industry of IT are on the look out for new innovations that can help the progression of Information technology all over the world. The TE CONNECTIVITY is the...

PCB wire-to-board connector 26 - 22 AWG, 250 V, 4 A | CST-100 TE CONNECTIVITY - CONNECTORS

If you are looking for an item that could save you money in the long run, this is one of the products you should consider investing in. This...

TE CONNECTIVITY - CONNECTORS 24 - 18 AWG, 250 V, 10 A | SL-156
PCB wire-to-board connector 24 - 18 AWG, 250 V, 10 A | SL-156 TE CONNECTIVITY - CONNECTORS

This is one of the most advanced connector systems, which come with contacts placed in a single row, making the item compatible with a wider...

PCB wire-to-board connector 63 - 250 V, max. 2 A | AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 TE CONNECTIVITY - CONNECTORS

The AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 Connector System features a complete printed circuit board system best suited for edge and female to header applications with the...

PCB wire-to-board connector 50 V, 3 A | AMP 2.5DL TE CONNECTIVITY - CONNECTORS

The 2.5 mm [.098] centerline pitch signal double lock (2.5 SDL) connectors are compact, single row connectors available in both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations. The signal double lock accepts...

2 products Molex
PCB mount USB connector Molex

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector has been one of the most popular I/O connector for the Personal Computer (PC) industry due to it" s low cost and hot plugging feature. Data...

Assembly hardware Molex

Molex is the expert when it comes to interconnect PCB assembly solutions. We offer clean sheet mechanical...

MARECHAL ELECTRIC 2.5 - 25 mm², 268 x 272 x 111 mm, IP66 | EXPRESS®
Outdoor electrical distribution box 2.5 - 25 mm², 268 x 272 x 111 mm, IP66 | EXPRESS® MARECHAL ELECTRIC

Derivation boxes advantages: Easy electrical installation No cable cut Conductors...

1 products RITTAL
RITTAL max. 32 A | PDR flex series
Wall-mount electrical distribution box max. 32 A | PDR flex series RITTAL

Enclosure with door of sheet steel, spray-finished with support plate to accommodate ISV modules. Protection category IP 55 or IP...

2 products SCHURTER
new SCHURTER max. 8 A, 500 VAC | SHT
Miniature axial lead fuse for PCBs max. 8 A, 500 VAC | SHT SCHURTER

SHT 6.3x32 Pigtail GS Non-resettable fuses: Axial Lead Fuse, 6.3x32 mm, 500 VAC, 1-8 A, high Breaking Capacity...

SCHURTER max. 10 kA, 250 VAC | FSL series
Miniature axial lead fuse for PCBs max. 10 kA, 250 VAC | FSL series SCHURTER

The FSL 5x20 pigtail miniature fuse is non-resettable, UL standard with low...

5 products HENGSTLER
PCB bistable power relay 24 VDC | H-462 HENGSTLER

The Hengstler GmbH 402 safety relay with 4 to 6 contacts can handle a maximum 10A switching...

PCB bistable power relay 6 / 6 VDC | K-RP HENGSTLER

1 change-over contact for max. 20 A 2 change-over contacts...

HENGSTLER 48 / 48 VDC | H-532
PCB bistable power relay 48 / 48 VDC | H-532 HENGSTLER

2, 4 or 6 change-over contacts max. 8 A switching &...

PCB bistable power relay K-RPH HENGSTLER

1 NOC, 1 NCC or 1 change-over contact for max. 25 A Drive by...

HENGSTLER 12 / 12 VDC | H-550
Electromechanical relay for PCB 12 / 12 VDC | H-550 HENGSTLER

The HENGSTLER 550 created primarily for many different switching applications.It acts...

7 products FINDER France
FINDER France 6 A, 0.2 W | 32 series
PCB miniature electromechanical relay 6 A, 0.2 W | 32 series FINDER France

In high power, intermediate and sensitivity; solid state and low profile...

FINDER France 0.1 - 6 A, 0.17 W | 34 series
PCB low-profile electromechanical relay 0.1 - 6 A, 0.17 W | 34 series FINDER France

This sensitive DC coil may contain up to 170mW that measures 5 mm wide. The technical...

FINDER France 10 A, 0.36 W | 36 series
PCB sugar cube relay 10 A, 0.36 W | 36 series FINDER France

Pole Changeover Contacts known as 1 Pole opens contact comes in miniature Sugar...

FINDER France 5 - 16 A, 0.4 W | 41 series
PCB low-profile electromechanical relay 5 - 16 A, 0.4 W | 41 series FINDER France

Low profile, 15.7 mm height DC coils: 400 mW 8 mm, 6 kV (1.2/50 μs)...

FINDER France 10 - 16 A, 0.4 W | 43 series
Low-profile solid-state relay for PCBs 10 - 16 A, 0.4 W | 43 series FINDER France

This product features low profile PCB relay with total height measurement of 15.4mm.It...

Printed PCB deburring machine SAB 40/3000 RÖSLER OBERFLÄCHENTECHNIK

Loading of the lead frames is done manually, semi-automatically using magazines, or fully-automatically using a loading device. The lead frames are loaded continuously on the machines conveyor...

1 products WAGO
video WAGO 0.2 - 2.5 mm | picoMAX® eCOM
PCB connector 0.2 - 2.5 mm | picoMAX® eCOM WAGO

Industrial Pluggable connector by WAGO provides the best diversity from a leader in technology. It offers a complete range of PCB terminal blocks...

HITACHI Industrial Components & Equipment
Printed PCB HITACHI Industrial Components & Equipment

Printed circuit boards are used in all but the simplest electronic products. We supply single...

6 products HARTING
new HARTING 10 Gbps, IP 65 - IP 67 | RJ Industrial®
PCB mount RJ45 connector 10 Gbps, IP 65 - IP 67 | RJ Industrial® HARTING

The HARTING Technology Group has rounded off the HARTING RJ Industrial® series with new RJ45 female connectors with integrated tranformers for 10 Gbit. The highly compact dimensions of these RJ45...

video HARTING Han-Fast®
PCB wire-to-board connector Han-Fast® HARTING

Han-Fast Lock® makes many circuit board connections that work without having to get added components ready. This works with a setup where Han connectors...

HARTING 1.27 - 5.08 mm
PCB wire-to-board connector 1.27 - 5.08 mm HARTING

These one of a kind PCB connectors are especially created for versatility in addition to smooth and easy connection of solitary wires onto a printed circuit board. This...

new video HARTING 0.14 - 0.5 mm² | har-flexicon® series
PCB wire-to-board connector 0.14 - 0.5 mm² | har-flexicon® series HARTING

The HARTING Technology Group is expanding its portfolio for industrial device connectivity with PCB terminals and connectors. All products have been designed for SMT and reflow...

new HARTING Cat. 6 | har-speed
PCB mount M12 circular connector Cat. 6 | har-speed HARTING

HARTING has expanded its har-speed range with a new PCB connector which will be manufactured using MID technology. A straight variant will initially be launched on the market for PCB connection. This...

1 products Weidmüller
video Weidmüller 3.5 - 5.08 mm | OMNIMATE series
PCB connector 3.5 - 5.08 mm | OMNIMATE series Weidmüller

The pluggable PCB connection is the established standard in process and manufacturing automation as well as the measurement and control industry. The wide line...

1 products Nexans
Nexans max. 1 500 MHz | LANmark-7 GG45 series
GG45 PCB jack connector max. 1 500 MHz | LANmark-7 GG45 series Nexans

This right-angled Cat 7A PCB jack is designed for use in patch panels or...

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