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automatic washer / compact / immersion / with rinsing
automatic washer

Description The washer is designed to clean the bell cups and shaping air shrouds of all SAMES KREMLIN electrostatic bells. - Save cleaning time - Easy to use - Compact design Performance - ...

water washer / automatic / hygienic / for bottles
water washer
Innoclean DM

... bottle washers effortlessly aid you in getting refillable glass and PET bottle hygienically clean. The hallmark of the Innoclean DM is above all energy and resource-conserving operation tailored exactly to your requirements. ...

water washer / automatic / process / for kegs
water washer
Innokeg AK

Good to know Our Innokeg AK 1/ AK 3 keg exterior washer provides lively support when handling your kegs. A generously sized circulation bath with temperature-controlled heating and two cleaning zones ...

ultrasonic cleaning machine / water / manual / process
ultrasonic cleaning machine
Pulsatron UCR series

Capacity: 21.8, 43.4, 70.8, 131.6 l

... UCR is an ultrasonic clean and rinse tank, equipped with a heated cleaning tank, an immersion rinse weiring for draining, and a handheld spray. It is typically used for production cleaning such as removal ...

water cleaning machine / dry / ultrasonic / manual
water cleaning machine
Pulsatron CRD450 Mk3

Capacity: 36.5 l

... recirculating hot air dry up to the extensive temperature of 100°C and ultrasonic cleaning with heating. This system is fitted for applications like finishing of metal, cleaning of maintenance and defluxing ...

fast cleaning machine / stainless steel / with rinsing / with desinfection
fast cleaning machine
BRA series

... cutlery quickly and gently in three stages: washing, rinsing and drying. Rinsing items beforehand and polishing afterwards by hand are no longer necessary.Stage 1: CleaningThe cutlery is cleaned in the ...

water washing machine / hot / cold / automatic
water washing machine
500 kg/h - 2000 kg/h

... line may consist of: - shredder - granulator or wet-granulator - metal separator - friction washer - intensive washer - floating-sink-tank (swim-sink-tank) - mechanical dryer - thermal ...

water cleaning machine / solvent / automatic / process
water cleaning machine

... TCM-90 tube washer is manufactured from stainless steel and uses glass wool insulation to minimise heat loss. The unit features a 1200 mm drying zone. The TCM-90 is the most flexible tube cleaning machine ...

solvent cleaning machine / ultrasonic / automatic / for jewelery
solvent cleaning machine
Elmasolvex VA

Elmasolvex VA is a completely automatic cleaning machine for cleaning mechanical precision parts such as gear wheels, springs or cases. Cleaning with multi-frequency ...

ophthalmic lense cleaning machine / ultrasonic / automatic / for medical applications
ophthalmic lense cleaning machine

Capacity: 12, 7 l

The UCS 40(MF) Special is an ultrasonic cleaning system, manufactured by Optimal Technologies Ltd. This product is generally used for optics as well as precision metal finishing works. It offers two versions available ...

ultrasonic cleaning machine / manual / industrial / compact
ultrasonic cleaning machine
KKS H Series

Compact multi-chamber cleaning units - Cell-Cleaning Unit Ultrasonic cleaning at its best: The manual multi-chamber cleaning systems of the series KKS-H are robust and ...

drum washing machine / solvent / water / automatic
drum washing machine

Capacity: 0.1 l - 300 l

... water or cleaning solution. • The drum is automatically placed into the machine. • Made in stainless steel. Available in two versions: 1. 2 CYCLES TYPE: with cleaning solution ...

can washing machine / solvent / with water jet / automatic
can washing machine

... containers per hour. Available in two versions: 2 CYCLES TYPE: with detergent solution and rinsing disposal. 3 CYCLES TYPE: with recovery of the cleaning solution and rinsing ...

solvent cleaning machine / water / automatic / process
solvent cleaning machine
MWF-1, MPD-1 series

... achieving maximum washing and disinfecting effects. The machine consists of a washing and rinsing chamber and hydraulic loading and unloading device. Water circulates ...

solvent cleaning machine / water / automatic / for the food industry
solvent cleaning machine

... processing. The washer has a compact drum construction giving an exceptional persistence of the machine and optimum washing conditions. Construction advantages: stainless steel ...

washing machine with dryer / with basket / spray / with rinsing
washing machine with dryer

Spray Type Washing Machine Complete Solution For Chip and Oil Removal! The machine is designed as cabin type. Parts are cleaned by spraying the alkaline washing liquid ...

automatic washing machine / with dryer / rotary drum / spray
automatic washing machine

Cabin Type Automatic Washing Machine Powerful wash-rinse-drying process with drum / work piece rotation and tilting! Effective washing of whole surfaces of the work piece with high ...

solvent cleaning machine / manual / for photovoltaic applications / compact
solvent cleaning machine

Capacity: 30 l

Impellerpump flow rate max. litres 30 l/min flow rate max. m³ 1,8 m³/h max. pressure 3 bar Inlet/outlet 3/4" mt Impeller Viton® (FKM) , stainless steel (1.4404) spec. bush Shaft sealing ring Viton® (FKM) Material pump housing stainless ...

rotation/agitation cleaning machine / water / automatic / for production
rotation/agitation cleaning machine

Capacity: 40 l - 800 l

... has a range of cleaning machines for washing bulk parts. These machines can be used for washing of tools and components. The components are placed in a rotating basket which is slid ...

degreasing cleaning machine / water / automatic / for industrial use
degreasing cleaning machine

Capacity: 1,200 l

The Maxima/MB by Mecanolav is a spray washing machine which features its low consumption of detergent and energy. It comes with a range of 6 machine that is enclosed ...

cleaning machine with carousel / water / compressed air / automatic
cleaning machine with carousel

Capacity: 450 l

This is a spray washing machine manufactured by Mecanolav which features its reduced size. For this specific unit, it is made of a stainless steel which makes it easy to maintain. Also, it can be used ...

ultrasonic cleaning machine / water / automatic / process
ultrasonic cleaning machine
KOMBI series

... different cleaning needs and particular cleaning problems. We design and manufacture tailored solutions according to different requirements and they can include various stages of cleaning, ...

spray washing machine / water / medical / electronics
spray washing machine
LSP series

Spray machines mod. LSP are very used in medical sector for the cleaning and passivating of medical instruments after laser labelling or in electronics industry for printed circuit boards. These spray ...

spray washing machine / stainless steel / with dryer / rotary basket
spray washing machine
X series

Capacity: 140, 240 l

Spray Washing machines Series X are perfectly adapted to the cleaning of lightweight metal parts. They run with water-based solutions at 60°C. The parts to clean are positioned into a ...

hot washing machine / with water jet / solvent / water
hot washing machine

- Industrial washing and degreasing of parts in bulk - Continuous cleaning in one or multiple stages - Parts transported in a rotary drum - They combine spraying and immersion zones - Parts moved throughout ...

hot washing machine / with water jet / solvent / water
hot washing machine

Industrial inline washer with dual conveyor belts operating separately. Each of the belts has its own motor and gear system, drying fan and mist collector. This makes it possible to operate both belts or just one, to ...

solvent washing machine / water / automatic / process
solvent washing machine

... parts washer for washing metal pipes contaminated with "salts". The washing device is fitted with a tank for the prior rinsing and neutralising of salts, along with a cabinet for subsequent ...

bottle cleaning machine / water / solvent / ultrasonic
bottle cleaning machine
KWM Series

... of coarse impurities. By using the pressure-controlled rinsing and spraying system and various cleaning media, optimal pharma-compliant cleaning of all containers is assured. The various ...

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Bausch + Ströbel Maschinenfabrik Ilshofen GmbH+Co. KG
water washer / solvent / automatic / process
water washer

By using through-belt conveyor parts washing systems, the Guyson machine offers flexibility and efficiency in cleaning operations for workcell aqueous. It is an in-line cleaning ...

water washing machine / automated / compact / with rinsing
water washing machine
AC 7500

... The AC 7500 cage and rack washer features swing doors, operator multi-language touch screen HMI with auto diagnostic checking that constantly monitors and displays status. The AC 7500 airtight chamber ...

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water washing machine / automatic / process / with dryer
water washing machine
Mod. 765

Industrial conveyor belt washing machines: Mod. 765 Washing, rinsing, phosphatizing, rinsing, blowing and drying tunnel machine for pistons – automotive ...

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Caber Impianti
printed circuit cleaning machine / water / brush / with rinsing
printed circuit cleaning machine

Brush modules and high pressure rinses support the rinsing and washing process which removes any dust with DI water. A special transport for small parts provides a high throughput.

ultrasonic cleaning machine / automated / stainless steel / compact
ultrasonic cleaning machine

Capacity: 27.5, 27 l

... turning knob and stainless steel stopper • ultrasound generator with rinsing module for hooking next to the oscillating tank • program controlled perservation heating • seperate operating panel (touchscreen) ...

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ultrasonic cleaning machine / automatic / process / with dryer
ultrasonic cleaning machine
MW Extreme

It’s an evolution of the classic Multiwash model. The Extreme version employs engineering solutions that allow improvement of standard quality achieved, to streamline the process and integrate vacuum drying. Parts treated Parts that ...

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cleaning equipement with water jet / for air conditioning systems / for ducts / compact
cleaning equipement with water jet

Effective cleaning of the delicate serpentines of air-conditioning systems. Why Coilbox? Because there is nothing else like it on the market for the effective cleaning of the delicate serpentines of ...

ultrasonic cleaning machine / automated / process / for medical applications
ultrasonic cleaning machine
CHC series

... series provides a comprehensive cleaning and hard coating solution for all ophthalmic needs within one single machine. Based on a thorough preparation of the substrates utilizing ultrasonic pre-cleaning, ...