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Cogeneration plants
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CHP plant - Aircogen™

This is a special CHP called Aircogen, which operates on a small scale. This device utilizes latent and generated heat from power generation CHP mechanism in order to warm the air.

Aircogen works in a simple fashion. It uses similar technology to that...

CHP plant - CHP Steam

There is a quite a large number of packaged or site-built system configurations available to applications where thermal output from a CHP system is required...

CHP plant - CHP Steam

Dresser-Rand CHP has made the Biogas CHP for renewable or environmentally-friendly fuels. This also involves landfill gases, bio-gases from processing plants,...

cogeneration plant - 105 - 290 KW | HCPD series

HIMOINSA Cogeneration plants with Doosan engine is available in...

cogeneration plant - 230 - 1 000 KW | HCPK series

The Cogeneration Waukesha Engines from Himoinsa range from 230kW to 1.000 kW, but...

natural gas cogeneration plant - 30 - 60 MW | FT8® SWIFTPAC®

The SWIFTPAC® gas turbine is designed with proven FT8® technology, derived from a Pratt & Whitney® JT8D™. The plant...

natural gas cogeneration plant - 30 - 60 MW | FT8® SWIFTPAC®

The outlet of conventional boilers contain massive nitrogen volume (N2 ~80%). During power generation, the boiler utilizes only oxygen for fuel combustion which leaves the nitrogen unused. This standard...

cogeneration plant - max. 468 MW

Alstom versatile co-generation solutions provide environmental friendly power solutions with maximum...

cogeneration plant - max. 468 MW

The combination of FG Wilson's heat and power packages that guarantees quality products for lesser price can recover over 90% combined electrical and thermal efficiency that saves total energy costs....

cogeneration plant - max. 468 MW

The Integrated power solutions made by Yanan, is specially made to suit applications...

cogeneration plant - max. 468 MW

The YANAN Power Plant is used to produce natural gas generators. The gas generator...

CHP plant - max. 3000 MW

Combined heat & power and combined cycle plants

Wärtsilä’s combined heat and power (CHP) plants incorporate both power and heat generation systems. The system for heat generation in parallel with electricity production, producing steam, hot water or chilled water, is optimally designed for the customer’s needs and requirements. The total plant...

cogeneration plant - 3.87 - 25 kW | CP series

Cogeneration systems that are kind to people and the environment

This highly efficient and clean gas cogeneration system helps overcome the global energy...

biogas cogeneration plant - 4 kW | CP4WE

This highly efficient and clean gas...

biogas cogeneration plant - 10 kW | CP10WE

This highly efficient and clean gas...

biogas cogeneration plant - 25 kW | CP25WE-TN

This highly efficient and clean gas...

biogas cogeneration plant - 25 kW | CP25WE-TL

With the environment in mind, this biogas type cogeneration system has been designed to run on biogas, hot spring gas etc. to provide power and heat for future generations.

This system generates electricity and hot...

biogas cogeneration plant - 25 kW | CP25WE-TL

The cogeneration thermal power generation system produces two or more energy types (electric energy and thermal energy) from a single energy source (fuel) and is designed to reduce operational costs by improving energy efficiency. Hyosung developed Koreas first cogeneration thermal power generation system, as well as designs and manufactures key components necessary for the cogeneration thermal power...

biogas cogeneration plant - 25 kW | CP25WE-TL

Mine Gas
Mine gas is produced both in operative and inoperative areas of coal mines. Its main components are methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. There are an estimated 1.5-1.7 billion m³ of mine gas in Germany. The most important coal mining regions in Germany are located in North...

biogas cogeneration plant - 25 kW | CP25WE-TL

Pro2’s modern technologies take advantage of the fermentation process in natural and organic substances to generate...

biogas cogeneration plant - 25 kW | CP25WE-TL

Natural Gas
Natural gas has the lowest CO2 emission value of all fossil fuels. With its well-developed supply system, this natural resource has an enormous potential to increase efficiency...

cogeneration plant - 500 kVA | GMU 700 EWS

Gen set for production service...

cogeneration plant - 500 kVA | GMU 700 EWS

Mariahs cost effective wind turbines are able to produce the fuel of the future. Like an oilfield pump jack extracts oil from the ground, Mariahs turbines...

cogeneration plant - 500 kVA | GMU 700 EWS

Integrated SOFC and Absorption Chiller/Heater: The EHVAC Process: For Cogeneration

1. Natural gas enters the reformer, where it is converted to hydrogen and carbon monoxide before being fed into the fuel cells.

2. A blower moves air into the fuel cells.


cogeneration plant - 500 kVA | GMU 700 EWS

The Container-CHP for the conversion into electrical energy of biogas, landfill gas, and natural gas by BMF HAASE includes gas engines,...

biogas cogeneration plant - 43 - 81 kVA

Waste material buried in landfills biodegrades over time to produce methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Treatment of domestic wastewater, agricultural waste, and...

biogas cogeneration plant - 43 - 81 kVA

Cogeneration can be implemented through anaerobic treatment in order to produce electricity and heat which can produce methane, a very valuable source of energy.

In general, the cogeneration that...

biogas cogeneration plant - 43 - 81 kVA

CHP or power containers
Gas compressor and gas refrigeration dryer (if necessary)

CHP plant - max. 500 kW | CHP

With the intelligent Bosch control technology system, the Bosch CHP innovative generator...

CHP plant - 2 MW

Currently available in Germany, this device can produce power and heat in an effective...

CHP plant - 2 MW

This revolutionary Biogas is an amazing innovation that secures an affordable energy supply world-wide. The increase in global population and fast development of industrialization...

CHP plant - 5.5 - 401 kW | Vitobloc series

This combined heat and power unit or CHP is designed to generate power and heat simultaneously. These gas-driven units are specifically sized to fit residential complexes as well as commercial operations....

CHP plant - 5.5 - 401 kW | Vitobloc series

Abundant actual achievements of many years' standing (durability, reliability)
For the co-generation...

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