plate heat exchanger / stainless steel / tubular / for the food industry
plate heat exchanger

... plates are used with variable geometry to minimize the fouling factor, optimize the heat exchange and energy consumption both for heating or cooling.
Tubular heat exchangers are of shell ...

liquid/liquid heat exchanger / plastic / compact / high-performance
liquid/liquid heat exchanger

Modular heat exchangers are used for the cooling or heating of aggressive liquids in containers. They are completely manufactured from the Moldflon™-PVDF, -PP and -PE materials: whereby a further ...

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Polytetra GmbH
tubular heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / titanium / steel
tubular heat exchanger

Heat exchangers (coils), depending on the solution in the tank, they may be built in steel, stainless steel, lead or titanium. The shape of the coil varies according to the form and dimensions of the tank.

finned tube heat exchanger / gas/liquid / custom / industrial
finned tube heat exchanger

100% personalized heat exchangers and coolers. Compatible with oil, diesel, water/glycol.

air/water heat exchanger / copper / aluminum / air-cooled
air/water heat exchanger
AWEX series

Operating pressure: 0.5 bar - 3.5 bar
Temperature: 10 °C - 60 °C
Power: 1,080 W - 7,133 W

Water is conveyed into the heat exchanger and cooled by the fan-forced air. The heat exchange occurs between the ambient air and the liquid. Cooling capacities from 1 to 7 kW.

compact heat exchanger
compact heat exchanger

... intensive flow against the internal heat transferring tubes integrated in the mixing element. Far more heat is transferred than with heat exchanger arrangements with ...

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Flowlink BV
plate heat exchanger unit / gas/liquid / custom
plate heat exchanger unit

... design a liquid cooled assembly that requires a liquid to air heat exchanger in the system design. While most engineers use a standard heat exchanger, some designs will ...

multi-tube heat exchanger / air/water / aluminum
multi-tube heat exchanger

Operating pressure: 16 bar
Temperature: 100 °C
Power: 0.4 kW - 117 kW

FOR THE REHEATING OF AIRFLOWS IN RECTANGULAR DUCTING Rectangular hot water heat exchanger for the reheating of airflows, suitable for VAV terminal units Type TVR, TZ-Silenzio, TVJ or TVT, and mechanical ...

finned tube heat exchanger / air/water / steel / industrial
finned tube heat exchanger

With applications in several industrial and drying processes, they are a vital component for a clean, fast and safe drying process. With a high level of precision, they are used, for instance, to dry coffee, soybean, corn, haricots, ...

welded plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / gas/liquid / stainless steel
welded plate heat exchanger

Operating pressure: 30 bar
Temperature: -50 °C - 250 °C

... and frame heat exchanger is a new-concept type. It looks like gasket and frame plate heat exchanger, and integrates advantages of general plate heat ...

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Shanghai Accessen Group Co., Ltd.
swimming pool heat exchanger / plate / water/water / titanium
swimming pool heat exchanger

Power: 17 kW - 80 kW

Heat your pool with your central heating system TRANSFER, the group exchanger with plates, provides the heat exchange between the boiler and the circuit pool using technology plate heat ...

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shell and tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / PFA / fluoropolymer
shell and tube heat exchanger

We recently deliver fluoroplastic heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are made of fluoroplastics such as PTFE, FEP an PFA also known as Teflon (DuPont). Fluoroplastics ...

shell and tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / industrial
shell and tube heat exchanger

Heat exchangers are installed on a vast array of applications within the industrial market. Refineries, processing plants, offshore. Used to remove or redistribute excess heat from fluid ...

air/air heat exchanger / rotary
air/air heat exchanger

These devices perform fautlessly - whether the diameter is half a metre or eight metres. Nothing outperforms rotary heat exchangers in terms of thermal energy recovery, regardless of the available space. ...

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screw heat exchanger / spiral / liquid/liquid
screw heat exchanger

The screw heat exchanger is an indirect heat exchanger based on a conveyor screw and is used for cooling, heating and drying powders and granules. In the case of equipment ...

welded plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / gas/liquid / gas/gas
welded plate heat exchanger
PLATULAR® series

... types of heat exchange (counter flow heat exchanger in general) : - Liquid / liquid - Loaded liquids - Condensation - Evaporation - Gas / gas (incl. air to air heat ...

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Barriquand Technologies Thermiques
welded plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / stainless steel / titanium
welded plate heat exchanger

Operating pressure: 1 bar - 50 bar
Temperature: -200 °C - 700 °C

... welded plate heat exchangers:plate exchangers’ efficiency combined with robust tubular exchangers. Welded plate heat exchangers provide ...

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heat exchanger unit on skid / multi-tube / gas/gas / gas/liquid
heat exchanger unit on skid

Resistencias Tope designs and manufactures electric process heaters, skid packages, which can be engineered to meet our customers specific requirements including: electric heater process, flow measurement, flow control valves, thyrystore/contactor ...

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Resistencias Tope S.A.
tube-tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / stainless steel / industrial
tube-tube heat exchanger

... rates of the working fluids. Corrugated tubes are used in order to significantly enhance the rate of heat transfer and thus minimise the size of heat exchanger required. Materials of ...

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XLG Heat Transfer
plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / gas/liquid / plastic
plate heat exchanger

Heat exchanger made of plastic • Heat exchanger for passage of hot water or steam • To be installed on tank’s wall or bottom • Available in different size (on request) • ...

heat exchanger with spiral tube / liquid/liquid / nickel / steel
heat exchanger with spiral tube

Coil-wound heat exchangers (CWHEs) are required for a wide range of applications involving fluid treatment. They must support broad temperature and pressure ranges as well as single- and two-phase streams. We ...

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plate heat exchanger / air/air
plate heat exchanger
MIX 22

Temperature: 0 °C - 60 °C
Power: 22 W

If external temperatur is much lower than the needed internal temperature we recommend to use hte Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers MIX. Especially if there are contaminants in the environment, for example dust. ...

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tubular heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / stainless steel
tubular heat exchanger

Operating pressure: 10 bar
Temperature: 200 °C

The DTS is a heat exchanger manufactured by Aerre Inox S.r.l. They were made according to FDA & cGMP regulations. Its particular structure (DTS double tube sheet) ensure the impossibility of mixing between ...

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shell and tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / stainless steel / exhaust gas heat recovery
shell and tube heat exchanger

Efficiently recover valuable waste heat BTUs from hot gases to heat water or other liquids the direct contact way with a QSense™ Heat Exchanger. An optimal solution to ...

shell and tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / gas/liquid
shell and tube heat exchanger