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CNC milling machine / 3-axis / horizontal / traveling-column - max. 20 000 x 1 500 x 3 000 mm | RONIN

RONIN is a horizontal travelling column milling machine able to accomplish a wide range of machining requirements for die & mould making, aerospace applications and general machining.
Thanks to its innovative shape design and dimensioning obtained by means of structural analysis,...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / horizontal / traveling-column - max. 5 000 x 3 000 x 2 500 mm | CASTEL TERUS

CASTEL TERUS is a horizontal milling centre with moving column characterized by a special T-shaped morphology.
Thanks to the wide range of available options, accessories and to the configuration flexibility, Terus meets the particular machining requirements in the aerospace, as well as in...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / horizontal - max. 3760 x 3150 x 3000 mm | KHM series


Metric or inch calibrations

Flood coolant system
Guideway covers (2) X-axis
Milling safety guard

4-axis milling machine / horizontal / vertical / multi-spindle - max. 6050 x 2510 x 340 mm | MECABOND

The MECABOND is a milling equipment engineered with 4 axes multi spindles. This equipment can be used for different cutting needs that require speed. It can come with additional vertical...

CNC machine / with 6 axes / horizontal / spindle - KN 40HB 2APC

Free Axis Traveling Design
Fixed Table
Small Foot Print - High Speed


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