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laser cutting machine / automatic - max. 4000 x 2000 mm | ByAutonom series

The ByAutonom Laser Cutting System is an ergonomically designed machine. It is mainly used to handle different cutting range applications. It is intended to tube-process all spectrum of...

laser cutting machine / high-performance - 3000 x 1500 mm | BySpeed Pro 4020

Laser Cutting System BySpeed Pro / BySpeed 4020 is the premium model that works in a highly dynamic manner. It is available as a completely computerized cell with manufacturing of great and unbeatable products across the total variety of sheet thickness...

laser cutting machine / for thin sheet metal - 3000 x 1500 mm | BySprint

The Laser Cutting System BySprint is manufactured by Bystronic. Designed with an advanced...

laser cutting machine / high-performance - max. 4000 x 2000 mm | BySprint Pro series

The BySprint Pro from Bystronic is a laser cutting system that features an automated nozzle change and nozzle alignment which makes it capable of increasing machine autonomy and minimizing necessary operator...

laser cutting machine / CO2 laser / large-format - max. 12 000 x 2500 mm | Bystar L series

This Laser cutting machine Bystar L can operate with accuracy without the exemption of the huge...

laser cutting machine / with fixed table - max. 3050 x 2020 x 195 mm | MECALASE

The Mecalase Laser Equipment is optimized to cut equipment which have standard focusing heads namely acrylic, plastic materials, woods and by-products. Meanwhile,...

laser cutting machine / plastics / with fixed table / engraving - 1505 x 1250 x 80 mm | LASEC

The LASEC 1250 is mainly used for vectorial-process cutting and raster-process engraving purposes. It is...

laser cutting machine / for glass - JENOPTIK-VOTAN® Advanced

The laser system JENOPTIK-VOTAN advanced includes TLS technology that offers practical and flexible solution for glass incision. The laser ablation provides a clean and versatile solution for...

laser cutting machine / CNC - max. 25 000 mm/min | ALPHAREX™

The laser cutting abilities of the ALPHAREX™ results in new possibilities. Reduced production times even with intricate configurations and in expansive formats at a high...

laser cutting machine / CNC - 1 250 x 1 250 mm | SUPER TURBO-X 44

The Mazak SUPER TURBO-X 44 is an advanced 2D laser cutting machined designed...

laser cutting machine / CNC - 3 000 x 1 500 x 375 mm | Super Turbo-X 510 MK III RTC

The Super Turbo-X 510 MK III RTC is built to process different jobs in...

laser cutting machine / CNC - 4 000 x 2 000 mm | STX 510 Mk III 6.0 kW

The Super Turbo-X 510 Mk III is utilized for high-speed cutting of...

laser cutting machine / CNC - 2 500 x 1 500 mm | Super Turbo-X 48 MK III

This Super Turbo-X 48 MK III G of Mazak is a machine that does not...

laser cutting machine / CNC - 3 000 x 1 500 mm | Super Turbo-X 510 MK III

The Mazak Hyper Turbo-X 510 is a high performance laser processing machine designed...

laser cutting machine / CNC - 3 000 x 1 500 mm | Super Turbo-X 510 MK III

This 5 axis laser cutting system by Miyachi Unitek boasts a flexible system design that is a combination of two axis rotary...

laser cutting machine / punching - 300 kN | SILVER

SILVER is a compressed machine with integrated punch and laser functions, ideal for a wide variety of applications...

laser cutting machine / CNC - IRIS

The IRIS laser cutting machine from DANOBAT employs the fiber technology to provide extensive cost-reduction and power-efficiency. This model can be automated, and it may...

laser cutting machine / tube - ø 150 mm | TruLaser Tube 5000

This all-around machine is a reliable one, being able to replace conventional, separate manufacturing operations, such as punching, milling, drilling and sawing. In addition to this, it is ideal...

laser cutting machine / tube - ø 200 mm | TruLaser Tube 7000

The TruLaser Tube 7000 from Trumpf is a versatile, high-end machine specifically used for laser tube-cutting. Its robust design is capable of cutting...

laser cutting machine / punching - max. 2 500 x 1 250 mm | TruMatic 3000 fiber

Punch Laser Machine TruMatic 3000 fiber features three versions of designs in a single system which includes punching, laser welding,...

laser cutting machine / punching - TruMatic 6000

The TruMatic 6000 from TRUMPF, provides mechanical tool changing with scratch-free operations. The laser...

laser cutting machine / punching - max. 3 050 x 1 550 mm | TruMatic 7000

The TruMatic 7000 is a high-end grouping appliance that convenes the most severe demands for...

laser cutting machine / punching - max. 2 530 x 1 565 mm | LPe6x series

Manufactured by Prima Power, the LPe6x cell integrates servo-electric punching and laser technologies into one. It offers a Prima Power X series turret punch...

laser cutting machine / punching - max. 3 074 x 1 565 mm | LPe6

Prima Power LPe6 has launched a vast variety of laser types as per different applications and has a dynamic combination of punching and laser cutting. You have the option...

laser cutting machine / punching - max. 3 074 x 1 565 mm | LPe8

The Prima Power's LPe8 is specifically designed based on the laser technology. It offers its ability to produce outputs from punching and laser cutting....

laser cutting machine / punching - max. 3 074 x 1 565 mm | LPe6f

The LPe6f is a laser machine manufactured by Prima Power that allows the integration of a servo-electric and fiber laser technologies into one. It uses an advanced...

laser cutting machine / punching - max. 4 300 x 1 565 mm | LPe8f

Prima Power works on the principle of providing products which can fulfill different requirements and which are cost efficient and competitive. The Prima...

laser cutting machine - LCG

The intelligent technology developed by Amada has enabled them to release LCG-3015, a new highly tuned, direct drive laser cutting...

laser cutting machine / CNC - max. 2 520 x 1 550 x 300 mm | LC ALPHA IV series

The ALPHA lasers range is renowned by its plan: the sheet moves in the X axis and the incising head in the length of...

laser cutting machine / with fiber - 3100 x 1 550 x 100 mm | FLC-3015 AJ

The FLC-3015 AJ model is a high precision, fiber laser design that offers excellent speed in...

laser cutting machine / for tubes / CNC - 3 270 x 1 550 x 100 mm | FO M II RI series

Amada FO MII RI laser cutting machine has a unique design. When compared to conventional machines,...

laser cutting machine / CNC - max. 4 220 x 2 200 x 100 mm | FO MII NT series

In order for a laser machine to be successful in today's market, it should not only guarantee supreme rankings in terms of quality and reliability and meet the aforementioned requirements,...

laser cutting machine / high-performance - LT9035

Product Details:
FARLEY LASERLAB Laser Tube Cutting Machine cuts a large range of tube and pipe, whether round, square, rectangular or triangular. High-speed automatic laser tube production line has fulfilled multi imensional cutting, which break through the limitation of plane cutting.
Automatic Loading System: round , ellipse, rectangular , Dype tube and etc. can be automatically...

laser cutting machine / tube - 0.15 - 3mm | Profile 6015

This slotted casing tube is capable of cutting thousands of gaps on alloy steel tube of high strength. The width of the gap is between 0.15 and 3 mm, while the gap length is of 50 to 300 mm. Next, there are several other features,...

laser cutting machine / for slotted steel tube - gap width : 0.15- 3mm,  gap length : 50 - 300mm

Slotted Casing Tube
Slotted casing tube is thousands of gaps with certain regularity , which are cut on high strength alloy steel tube. Commonly, gap width : 0.15- 3mm, gap length : 50 - 300mm , gap section : rectangle and trapezoid .

Technical Parameters

Machine Model Profile 6015
Processing Area 6000×1500(mm)
Laser Power 4000W

laser cutting machine / for tubes / CNC - 3500 mm | LT9035

The Farley Laserlab's Tube Cutting machine is used to cut huge sizes of tubes and pipes in different shapes. It has automatic loading system for different shapes that include shapes like round, rectangle, ellipse,...

cutting machine with fiber / laser - MS1 16mm, SS1 10mm, Al1 10mm | DF Plus 3015

The DF Plus 3015 Series, manufactured by Farley Laser Lab, consists of contour DF CNC laser cutting machines. These devices are designed with...

laser cutting machine - 1.330 x 1.230 mm | M-1200

The M-1200 is a Laser Cutting Machine from Eurolaser. It is a compact machine with a processing area that measures 1330 x 1230 mm. The laser cutter is ideal for all cutting, engraving and marking...

laser cutting machine - 1.330mm x 1.630 mm | M-1600

The M-1600 laser cutting machine is manufactured by Eurolaser GmbH. With a working area of 1330 mm x 1630 mm, this machine is suitable for applications such as foils, acrylics, wood...

laser cutting machine / PMMA and machines - 2.270 mm x 1.600 mm | XL-1600

The PMMA laser cutting and engraving machine is manufactured by Eurolaser GmbH. The product has polished cutting edges even in filigree contours and does not need reworking. The product has chipless laser cutting...

laser cutting machine / for ejection rubber production - 1.330mm x 1.630 mm | M-1600

The laser cutting systems from Eurolaser can accurately and quickly cut ejection rubbers and dieboards. The best thing about dieboards is that they are made with precision from wood-based...

laser cutting machine / for ejection rubber production - 1.330mm x 1.630 mm | M-1600

The unit is manufactured by Axiome, and is a robotic laser cutting and pitching instrument that is integrated with safety components, and an air treatment system to optimize the safety...

laser cutting machine / for tubes / CNC - ø 152mm

SOCOs introduces its newest generation in tubes and profiles processing technology the Laser Tube Cutting System. With over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing...

laser cutting machine / for tubes / CNC - SLT-150

The SLT 150 model is a CNC laser tube cutting machine developed by SOCO Machinery. The manufacturer, SOCO, is an expert in solutions for the tube...

laser cutting machine / for tubes / CNC - SLT 152

The SLT-152-FIBER is a laser tube-cutting machine from Soco. It is used for joining numerous machining processes in a single system to provide maximum flexibility, automation...

laser cutting machine / die board - 200 - 2 000 W | SENIOR F/R

SENIOR F/R is a bidimensional laser cutting machine on a fixed table system and chuck equipped with laser sources from 200W to 2000W. The compact dimensions allow easy access for the loading and unloading processes. The end...

laser cutting machine / automatic - 200 - 2 000 W | SENIOR F

The Automatic laser cutting machine SENIOR F Series is manufactured by COMI SpA. The product has high quality and cutting accuracy like outcome of an enhanced technology of the laser sources and...

laser cutting machine - 1500 x 3000 mm | TL ALPHA Series

The TL ALPHA Series by Technology S.r.l. is a Laser...

laser cutting machine / hot air welding machines - SM-450-SA

The SM-450-SA is manufactured by S.M.R.E. Engineering S.p.A. This multiple roll bonding and cutting machine, is designed for processing multiple rolls of technical fabrics...

laser cutting machine / welding - 100 - 1 500 W | MACH 200

The Laser Cheval machine is made to carry out micro-welding, fine cutting and drilling operations. The machine can be set up with YAG/fiber lasers with a 100 to 500...

laser cutting machine / 3 axis - max. 2 500 x 1 250 x 70 mm, max. 1 500 W | CO2-Laser Serie

The CO2 lasers can be used for a wide range of purposes. The device is available in different laser beam strengths. It is economical to purchase and also use. It also has very small foot-prints and requires very minimal setup. The installation requirements are...

laser cutting machine - max. 4100 x 2100 x 200 mm, max. 16 kW | D.Laser Serie

This Laser cutting machine is manufactured by Knuth-machinetools. Its robust steel machine frame is made of welded, annealed steel construction for minimal stress. Small parts, residue and slag are transported...

cutting machine with fiber / laser - max. 6 150 x 2 000 mm, 4 000 W | FIBERMAK series

The FIBERMAK series is a fiber laser cutting machine manufactured by ERMAKSAN. The ytterbium laser light is produced inside the unit, the laser light produced at...

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