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hydrostatic level sensor - IP 68 | BS series

Service intended: Hydrostatic level measurement of liquid media.

hydrostatic level sensor - IP 68 | BS series

Ultrasonic sensors work similar to radar or sonar. Ultrasonic sensors send out high frequency sound waves and depending on the echo that is received back by the sensor,...

ultrasonic level sensor / intrinsically safe - max. 250 mWG | Pi99EX series

The Pi99EX ATEX level sensor / intrinsically safe level transmitter is designed for use in a wide range of hazardous area applications such...

capacitive level sensor / for solids and liquids - LC

Level indicators are used for measuring...

hydrostatic level sensor - max. 200 bar | ATM/NC

The ATM/NC has a pressure measuring range of 1…250 mH2O with a precision measurement...

hydrostatic level sensor - ATM/NC/Ex

The ATM/NC/Ex have a pressure measuring range of 1…250 mH2O with a precision...

hydrostatic level transmitter - DTM/N

The DTM/N, manufactured by STS, is made from stainless steel and titanium....

hydrostatic level transmitter - PTM/N

The submersible level and temperature transmitter Model ATM/N/T is made of stainless steel...

hydrostatic level transmitter - PTM/N/Ex

The PTM/N/Ex is a submersible level and temperature transmitters, manufactured by STS. It is made from stainless steel...

ultrasonic level transmitter - 4-20 mA | EchoSpan®

EchoSpan® Two-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
4-20mA Output, Ranges to 32.8' (10 m)


displacer level transmitter - 300 - 3 000 mm, max. 200 bar, max. 320 °C | MLT100

The Mobrey MLT100 level transmitter is one of the most advanced displacer based devices on the market, coupling the time proven buoyancy principle with state of the art electronics in an instrument of high reliability and stability.


hydrostatic level transmitter - max. 200 m | 9700 series

The 9700 Series hydrostatic electronic level transmitter range of tank volume transmitters from Mobrey provide...

ultrasonic level transmitter - 0.3 - 11 m | MSP series

The MSP400 and MSP900 family of 2 wire loop powered Ultrasonic level transmitters comprises 4 models:

The entry level transmitter for general purpose level measurement duties. Designed for safe area use with a range of 8m/26ft the MSP422 is easily mounted over a liquid surface using the 2"/25mm threaded process connection. An integral display and 3 push buttons allow fast set-up...

hydrostatic level sensor / water - max. 180 mm | 15235

Lambrecht is now offering an instrument that offers precise measurement of water levels when there is the need to determine evaporation rate. There is a sensitive pressure-difference sensor...

radar level transmitter - max. 30 m | LTR700





ultrasonic level transmitter - 0.1 - 1.8 m | LTU102

Ultrasonic level measurement is based on the
principle of measuring the time required for the
ultrasonic pulse and its reflected echo...

ultrasonic level transmitter - LTU400

Ultrasonic level measurement is based on the
principle of measuring the time required for the

hydrostatic level transmitter - LTF120

Indumart LTF120 beries ot bubmersible Level
Transmitters are two-wire instruments with 316L
stainless steel...

hydrostatic level transmitter - 27IM series

27IM series includes submersible electronic...

float level transmitter - T7L series

T7L series includes float reed level transmitters. Inside the float is placed a magnet which drives, without contact, reed contacts...

hydrostatic level transmitter - BMS series

BMS is a bubbling system for level detection based on the measurement of hydrostatic pressure caused by the liquid contained in the tank. The working principle is founded on the measure...

radar level transmitter - RMG series

RMG series includes radar level transmitters. The level of liquids is measured by transmitting low energy radar pulses towards the liquid surface and receiving the radar echoes. The travel...

TDR guided wave radar level transmitter - GMG series

GMG uses TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology: low-energy, high-frequency electromagnetic impulses, generated by the sensor’s circuitry, are propagated along the probe which...

ultrasonic level sensor / for liquids - RS422 / RS485 | 5600  series

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Controller - 5600 Series:

Timing the reflection...

capacitive level transmitter / for liquids - FST700-101

Moisture-proof, anti-sweat, free of leakage troubles, IP68

◇Excellent resistance against...

capacitive level transmitter / for liquids - FST700-201

FST700-201 Capacitance Liquid-level Transmitter adopts a coaxial container, the capacitor consists of...

capacitive level transmitter / for liquids - FST700-202

FST700-202 Digital Display Industrial Oil-Level Transmitter adopts a coaxial container; the capacitor consists of two coaxial electrodes:...

capacitive level transmitter / for liquids - FST700-301

strong tolerance to pollution , precise control


capacitive level transmitter / for liquids - FST700-302

Strong tolerance to pollution , precise control


hydrostatic level sensor - max. 60 bar | TST-HD series

Stainless steel housing 1.4404, IP 68
Plastic housing PP or PVDF

capacitive level sensor / analog - 1

The sensing probe and the protecting tube build an electrical condenser when immersed into the liquid....

capacitive level sensor / analog - 1

The Capacitive Analogous Filling Level Probe CPA02 is made especially to promote an excellent quality...

capacitive level sensor / analog - 1

The sensor with 2 sensing probes are building an electrical condenser when being immersed into the...

capacitive level sensor / analog - 1

The CPA05 is an analog capacitive level sensor from IMB which is designed for liquids with middle or upper...

float level sensor - -30 ... +120 °C, 1 1/2 - 2

The MG01 series features a Float level sensor, manufactured by IMB, specifically built with level sensor which can work with an output of 4 to...

float level sensor / for leak detection - 1 - 2 3/4

The T-200.L leak detectors are appro-
ved by "DIBt" on the basis of "Was-
BauPVO" for the detection of leaking
fluids which constitute a risk to water.
The T-200.L leak detectors...

float level sensor / for leak detection - T200.L - KR-24V

The T-200.L (24 V) leak detectors are approved by “DIBt” on the...

float level sensor / for leak detection - T200.L - ET580

The T-200.L (20...230 V AC/DC) leak detectors are...

float level sensor - max. 6 bar | TK300

Connector see box data
System of proteo- IP 65 box / plug
tion EN 60529 IP 55 cable
Float type 10(14)
Cable 100pmmLiYY0,5mm2

hydrostatic level sensor - HD

The hydrostatic probes are suitable for
use in liquids - including aggressive
types - in pressureless tanks. The

magnetostrictive level sensor - IP 67, NEMA 6

Contents measurement for fuel stations, tank-storage facilities , etc. is carried out using the magnetostrictive measuring procedure. Magnetostriction sensors use a combination of magnetism (for contact-free transmission) and ultrasound (for timing).

laser level sensor - max. 10 bar, max. 85 °C | LP

Optical Level Sensor LP:

For liquids

hydrostatic level sensor / water - 1 - 250 mWC | PS1

Measuring ranges from 1 mWC to 250 mWC
Standard signals 4…20...

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