compression load cell / button type / OIML / stainless steel
compression load cell

Rated load: 5 t - 50 t

Truck scales Hopper for processweighing Tank & silo weighing Harsh environment Capacities 5 - 50 Ton Stainless steel construction OIML R60 and NTEP approved IP68 Protection EEx ia IIC T6 hazardous ...

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Pavone sistemi
bending beam load cell / beam type / OIML / IP67
bending beam load cell

Rated force: 25 N - 500 N
Rated load: 5.5 lb - 112 lb

... maintain the accuracy of the bridge over a wide range of temperatures. The gaged element within the beam metal bellows is environmentally sealed against all adverse conditions, including water immersion. Alpha Load ...

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Nobel Weighing Systems
compression load cell / beam type / economical / calibration
compression load cell
SKM 01, 02 series

Rated force: 3,500, 3,400, 1,200, 7,500 N

The SKM 01, 02 series is a force sensor manufactured by Oetiker®. This series is ideal for closing forces confirmation in service applications. This force sensor is a ...

double-ended shear beam load cell / beam type / steel / IP67
double-ended shear beam load cell

Rated load: 20,000 lb - 125,000 lb

The double-ended mounting provides good restraint for possible movement of the tanks and, in many cases, eliminates the need for check rods. The shear beam design gives excellent performance for high capacity loading. CLB is constructed ...

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VPG Transducers - Vishay Precision Group
tension load cell / beam type / strain gauge
tension load cell
2.5 - 300 t | GS series

Rated load: 2,500 kg - 300,000 kg

... cell ships pre-calibrated, eliminating the need for test weights Each load cell is temperature compensated for increased accuracy For crane applications the load cell ...

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compression load cell / tension/compression / tension / compact
compression load cell
max. 500 t

... successfully put an electrical resistance wire strain gauge load cell. Since then, we go forward electronically weighing and have been development of high accuracy, compact and quickly operation of load ...

bending beam load cell / beam type / miniature / strain gauge
bending beam load cell
0.1 - 25 lbs | S100 series

The S100 Load Cell has a proprietary sputtered thin-film strain gage design offering long-term stability and a full Wheatstone bridge. This compact sensor, with a simple beam mounting configuration, can ...

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Strain Measurement Devices
compression load cell / tension/compression / tension / button type
compression load cell

Rated load: 10 lb - 200 lb

... inexpensive construction. Features of our Microfused!" force sensors (load cells) include low cost, small size, low noise, robust design, high reliability and fast response ...

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Measurement Specialties
compression load cell / tension/compression / tension / compact
compression load cell
25 - 1 000 lb | Cleveland-Kidder®

Cleveland-Kidder® Ultra Cartridge-Style Tension Load Cells provide a highly responsive linear output signal for measuring, monitoring and controlling web tension in continuous processes. They utilize ...

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Cleveland Motion Controls
compression load cell / beam type / flexible / strain gauge
compression load cell

Paper-Thin, Calibrated Linear Output Force Sensor Ultra-thin force sensor; ready to plug-n-play Works like standard bridge transducer Custom circuit module amplifies & linearizes output 9.5 mm diameter ...

bending beam load cell / beam type / strain gauge
bending beam load cell

The Weigh Bar is an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device designed to overcome the shortcomings of many competitor load cells. The unique design provides inherent strength ...

shear beam load cell / beam type / strain gauge
shear beam load cell

The force transducer works according to the strength measuring principle on a transverse basis to the longitudinal axis. The BFS-105 is designed for application at conveyor scales, bin-type weighing ...

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Velomat Messelektronik
tension/compression load cell / torsion / beam type
tension/compression load cell

Off Center Load CellsBending Beam Load CellsShear Beam Load Cells Compression Load Cells Tension Load Cells

double-ended shear beam load cell / beam type / compact / stainless steel
double-ended shear beam load cell
Safemount series

Rated load: 5,000 kg - 150,000 kg

... install – on request we also provide load cell „dummies“ to replace the “life load cells” during the mounting procedure. Once the silo has been installed, the dummies ...

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Hense Wägetechnik
torque force sensor / for robotics
torque force sensor

Transmits “force” to robots, with sensory control to adapt to changes in the visual and tactile external environment.

pancake type load cell / torque
pancake type load cell
KMSi series

Easy connection via Bus interface cardSensor with DIN-ISO interface (depeding on type)Cost-efficient system

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IPR - Intelligente Peripherien für Roboter GmbH
compression load cell / compact / programmable
compression load cell

This product is a force sensor, manufactured by LDP Italia. It contains an electronic component which works in measuring a force used on an object measurement of an electrical signal. This varies because of the deformation produced by ...

compression load cell / button type / weighing / strain gauge
compression load cell

The LP01 low profile load cell is specifically designed for high capacity and high accuracy test & measurement and weighing applications requiring long fatigue life combined with high resistance to the ...

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Sherborne Sensors Limited
compact weigh cell / aluminum construction / digital / high-precision
compact weigh cell
SX-M-FS series

Rated load: 30, 60 g

... SX-M-FS Weigh Cells cover the weighing range up to 60 g. They have been specifically designed as compact sensor components, which are suited for installation into multi-track applications from 25 mm centerline ...

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single-point load cell / beam type / OIML / steel
single-point load cell

Rated load: 5 kg - 40 kg

... corrosion by nickel-plated treatment Protected against humidity IP-66 High accuracy with off-center loads 380x380 mm Hight accuracy with off-center loads

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compression load cell / canister / stainless steel / digital
compression load cell

Rated load: 20 t - 50 t

Digital compression load cells for connection to electronic indicators manufactured by Soc. Coop Bilanciai. Strong and reliable, suitable for approved weighing systems up to 6000 divisions in with European ...

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Soc Coop Bilanciai
compression load cell / button type / planar beam / strain gauge
compression load cell
NO-1 / NO-1R

Models NO-1 (Round) & NO-1R (Rectangular) Normally Open Sensing Cells These are low-profile, sealed sensing switches in wafer form. They are surface-mounted and are typically used under objects to detect removal. They ...

tension/compression load cell / beam type / stainless steel / calibration
tension/compression load cell
0210 series

Rated force: 10 kN - 5,000 kN

The 0201 series is a force measuring pin, manufactured by BROSA. This product is an axis force sensor torque that are made from strong stainless steel. It is applicable for sheaves, rope endpoint, carriage ...

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compression load cell / button type / piezoelectric / subminiature
compression load cell

Rated force: 10 N - 100,000 N
Rated load: 10 lb - 2,000 lb

The micro loadcells are based on piezoresistive, metal foil or thin film strain gauges. If you are looking for a sensor that is very accurate, that has a high response and high output signal level, this is the one ...

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Altheris sensors & controls
tension/compression load cell / cost-effective / compact / waterproof
tension/compression load cell

Rated force: 100 N

Variense FSE103 is a unique multi-axis force sensor. Multi-axis force sensors are robust mechanical devices that exhibit a variation in signal when force is exerted on the surface of the sensor. This ...

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