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humidity analyzer / microwave / in-line - LFM3

The Low Frequence Microwave (or LFM3 for short) by Thermo Scientific is a humidity analyzing...

humidity analyzer / in-line - MOLA,

Designed with advanced ion slot scheme, MOLA and MOLA-LS can maximize blast heater operations...

humidity analyzer - 51 - 71 g, 0.001% ... 0.1% | MS, MX, MF, ML series

The MS-70, MX-50, MF-50 and the ML-50 are moisture analyzers that utilize the heating and drying method, which compares the weight of a sample before and after heating and drying. Compared with Karl Fischer analyzers, the MS/MX/MF/ML analyzers are much easier to operate and require a shorter time for measurements. At the same time, they maintain very high repeatability thanks to the incorporation...

humidity analyzer - 150 - 200 g, 0.001 - 0.01 %, +40°C...+230 °C | HX204 - HS153

The innovative hanging weighing pan concept moves the weighing pan away from the heat of the sample...

humidity analyzer - 0.5 - 54 g, 0.01 %, +50 °C ... +200 °C | HB43-S

The integration of METTLER TOLEDO halogen heating technology with analytical power is brought to you by the HB43-S Halogen Moisture...

humidity analyzer / infrared - 0.5 - 35 g, 0.01 %, +50 °C ... +160 °C | MJ33

The ruggedly built MJ33 moisture analyzer offers a simple operation for use in daily routine inspection....

humidity analyzer - 30 - 200 °C, max. 120 g | MOC-120H

The MOC-120H is a moisture analyzer developed by Shimadzu Europa GmbH. It delivers measurement of moisture content in different...

humidity analyzer - MOC63u

The MOC63u model is manufactured by Shimadzu, and is a moisture analyzer that can...

humidity analyzer / in-line - DF-5740

The DF-5740 is an on-line moisture analyzer that is ideal for use in applications such as steady and on-line spotting of moisture...

humidity analyzer / infrared - DF-6740

The DF-6740 infrared moisture analyzer, manufactured by Dandong Dongfang Monitoring Company, is an on-line material moisture measuring device. It is capable of measuring the moisture content of slice, powder and pellet.

The moisture value...

humidity analyzer / oxygen / combi - ISO 9001, 10e - 20 ppm - 100 % | Rapidox 3100ZD

The Rapidox 3100Z enables rapid and precise oxygen analysis within its capacity that ranges from 10 ppm to 20 ppm to 10% O2. The unit offers a steady on-line analysis with a short response time lower than 5 seconds for a 90% response to a step change oxygen compositions.

The zirconia sensor head requires heating...

humidity analyzer / oxygen / combi - ISO 9001, 0.1 ppm - 1 % O2 | Rapidox 3100LD

The Rapidox 3100L oxygen analyser allows fast and accurate gas analysis over the range 0.1ppm to 1%. A special low range, high precision ppm electrochemical oxygen cell is designed for applications where a traditional zirconia sensor is not suitable. Applications include control of critical oxygen atmospheres and testing the purity of...

humidity analyzer / oxygen / combi - ISO 9001, 0 - 100 % O2, -100 °C ... +20 °C  | Rapidox 3100ED

The Rapidox 3100ED is a 7-kg dual gas O2/H2O (moisture) analyzer. The model features a diaphragm vacuum pump which draws a gas sample at a user-customized rate. The typical flow rate is at 1 L/min, but the gas...

humidity analyzer / for floors - Hygropin

Proceq's Hygropin moisture meter provides the solution for identifying and monitoring moisture in concrete. Diagnosing moisture according to ASTM F2170-09 is quick and easy, due to the integrated...

humidity analyzer - Delta F DF-730

The DF-730E NanoTrace Moisture in HCl analyzer offers users a comprehensive...

humidity analyzer - Delta F DF-740

DF-740 NanoTrace Moisture in Ammonia Analyzer

The DF-700 Series is a sophisticated process moisture analyzer...

humidity analyzer - 500 ppt | Delta F DF-745

The DF-745 Trace Moisture Analyzer brings the extraordinary capabilities of the DF-750 to applications in the petrochemical industry as well as the traditional Ultra Pure Gas industry group. This combination of high sensitivity-2ppb LDL at an attractive price...

humidity analyzer - 100 ppb | Delta F DF-745SG

The DF-745SG Trace Moisture Analyzer brings the extraordinary capabilities of the DF-700 Series analyzers to applications in the specialty gas industry as well as allied applications requiring the accurate measurement of trace moisture levels in gas mixtures. This combination of high sensitivity-100ppb LDL-with broad range...

humidity analyzer - 100 ppb | Delta F DF-750

The DF-750 NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer pushes the boundaries of moisture analysis technology. Using revolutionary Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), the DF-750 delivers part-per trillion (ppt) capabilities for a range of applications in semiconductor fabrication and UHP gas measurements. The analyzer easily fits into a 19" rack and is ideal...

humidity analyzer / portable - 0.01 - 100 mg | CA-21

The Portable Moisture Analyzer Series CA-21 is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech. The product...

humidity analyzer / portable - 0.1 - 999 mg | KF-21

The KF-21 Model, manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech, is a portable moisture analyzer with simple...

humidity analyzer / process - 0 - 1 000 ppmv | 5000

The AMETEK (model: 5000) is a flexible, highly-sensitive moisture analyzer generally designed for process applications wherein the constant, reliable measurement of moisture in vapors / gases is necessary. This model of analyzer perform the measurement...

humidity analyzer / process - 0 - 1 000 ppmv | 5830

The 5830 Model manufactured by AMETEK, is an easy-to-use moisture analyzer. This device features a fast responding speed, a wide measurement range, multi-gas compatibility and...

humidity analyzer - max. 1 000 ppbv | 5910UHP

The 5910 edition offers an ultra modern futuristic performance across all analysis criteria, which is sensitive to variances in moisture concentration of less than 500 pptv, as the noise operation levels are below 50 pptv. The conclusion of such impeccable...

humidity analyzer / process - max. 1 000 ppbv, 138 - 345 kPa | 5920UHP

The 5920UHP Model manufactured by AMETEK is an easy-to-use moisture analyzer. This device features an on-line verification, a wide measurement range, multi-gas compatibility and...

trace analyzer / gas / humidity / in argon - 0 - 50 ppm | 1400 series

The main applications of this instrument include:

The air separation plants and argon purification plants.
It can be used for cryogenic truck loading stations, special gas laboratories. Other various applications include new line certification, cryogenic steel manufacturing, chemical...

humidity analyzer - 2 - 200 ppm | 7100 series

The 7100 series is a line of moisture analyzer engineered by Gow-Mac. It is suitable for applications in argon, fluorocarbons, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.

The 7100CR...

humidity analyzer / infrared - KJT270A

The KJT270A is an infrared composition analyzer engineered by Kett. It...

humidity analyzer / portable - HX120

The HX120 Model of Moisture Analyzer Portable, manufactured by Kett, is specifically designed with a measurement range of 3 to 20% and measurement precision...

humidity analyzer / portable - PM600

The PM600 Model of Portable Moisture Analyzer, manufactured by Kett, is specifically designed to ensure additional...

humidity analyzer / portable - MT8A

The MT8A is an agricultural moisture meter. It is well suited for use with woodworking plants,...

humidity analyzer / for floors - HJ530

The HJ530 is a soil moisture tester. It is capable of determining soil moisture through...

humidity analyzer / microwave / in-line - Micro-Polar LB 567, LB 568

The MicroPolar LB 567 or LB 568 is a moisture analyzer. The measurement is carried out non-contacting on a conveyor belt or chute.


humidity analyzer / microwave / in-line - Micro-Polar LB 567, LB 568

New moisture analyzer developed by Olsen Hydrotracer offers many benefits like accuracy, effectiveness, cost effectiveness and quick. It helps in determining the content of moisture in the materials which use chemical determination over thermo gravimetric technique.


humidity analyzer - MM500

With the possibility of customization, the MM500 moisture analyzer is made based on the application....

humidity analyzer - MM400

The MM400 moisture analyzer incorporates advanced technologies in its measurement of process gas, in order to achieve maintenance-free moisture analysis. The MM400 moisture analyzer utilizes...

humidity analyzer / process - MM300

The MM300 is a moisture transducer for OEM and multiple sampling points. The transducer and monitor can be combined to many types of systems. The 2 wire...

humidity analyzer - 0.1 - 0. 95 aw (1 - 95 % RH) | Aqualab 4TE DUO

Aqualab unlike most moisture analyzers doesn't use chemicals or high temperatures but uses an infrared beam that focuses on a tiny mirror which decides the water activity in a sample. This reading is then translated into the moisture content based on the calibration...

humidity analyzer / in-line - DOMINO

The DOMINO sensor can easily evaluate the dampness in oil for ppm, relative saturation (RS) and temperature using consistent and...

humidity analyzer - 124 g, 0.1 mg | XM 120-HR

The XM120-HR moisture analyzer meets the highest international quality standards. Precisa has developed an instrument which not only provides a high degree of precision, but also offers...

humidity analyzer - 124 - 310 g, 1 mg | XM60 series

The XM60/XM60-HR moisture analyzer is the low-volume instrument for customers with low sample...

humidity analyzer - 52 g | XM 50

The XM50 moisture analyzer is the new basic unit...

humidity analyzer / infrared - max. 100 g | H3021

The unit for determining water content is a precise tabletop measuring unit that measures low water content in solids. The accuracy...


How to choose this product


A moisture analyzer measures the percentage of moisture in a solid, a liquid or a gas. It can measure even trace amounts. Such data are indispensable for many industrial processes.


Moisture analysis is essential in a wide range of processes in the food industry and in quality control. Moisture content must be controlled in the production of plastics, pharmaceuticals, oils and gases.


In most cases, the moisture content of solids is measured by the classic loss-on-drying method, in which the sample is weighed both before and after drying. The Karl Fischer titration is used to measure trace amounts of water in a liquid. There are several technologies used for gas analysis. It is possible to use a quartz crystal microbalance, a spectrometer or electric sensors connected to a dew-point hygrometer.

How to choose

Choice will depend on operating environment and required degree of accuracy. Some instruments are non-contact and non-destructive.

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