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3-D microscope / optical - 0.1x - 5 000x, 54 Mpx | VHX-2000 series

The VHX-2000 series are digital microscopes unmatched by conventional ones and bring a whole new and improved...

optical microscope / 3-D - 2 Mpx | VHX-700F series

The VHX-700F enables consumers to leverage the major tasks of the VHX-2000, such as epth...

3-D microscope / optical - ContourGT-I

This electronic Bench Top Profiler is the first of its kind and is equipped with Tip/Tilt housing that offers unlimited Gage handling,measure-on-request dependability along with R&D and manufacturing surroundings.


optical microscope / 3-D - ContourGT InMotion™

Bruker ContourGT InMotion™ 3D optical microscope provides improved features for device motion analyses. It is the most dependable and comprehensive tool for characterizing the surface of dynamic MEMS as well as other micro-devices. The microscope incorporates the recent advances...

3-D microscope / optical - ContourGT-K

Uncompromised Imaging and Metrology for Widest Range of Surfaces
Combining exceptional profiling performance, operator convenience, and affordability into one bench top instrument.
The ContourGT-K 3D Optical Microscope sets a new industry...

3-D microscope / optical - ContourGT-X

Automated, Gage-Capable Metrology for R&D and Production
Providing world's only self-calibrating, fully automated solution for production line metrolgy.

The fully automated, large-sample ContourGT-X 3D Optical Microscope combines...

3-D microscope / optical - NPFLEX™

The NPFLEX™ is a measuring equipment for analyzing large samples in a non-contact manner. This can be a complementary technology or individual metrology...

optical microscope / measuring / workshop - 200 x 100 mm | JX7

Stable and reliable performance makes it convenient for operation...

3-D microscope / optical - 8

This mechanical 3D-microscope has a large working distance of 175 mm. Thus the analysis of even larger objects is very simplified. The 3D-microscope provides a three-dimensional image of objects on a LC...

optical microscope / 3-D - K Series

Motic K-Series incorporates a common main objective (CMO) Infinity optical system, enabling it to deliver distortion-free, three-dimensional and focused images throughout it's magnification range. It also provides opportunities for the attachment of...

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