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3-D microscope / optical - ContourGT-I

This electronic Bench Top Profiler is the first of its kind and is equipped with Tip/Tilt housing that offers unlimited Gage handling,measure-on-request dependability along with R&D and manufacturing surroundings.


optical microscope / 3-D - ContourGT InMotion™

Bruker ContourGT InMotion™ 3D optical microscope provides improved features for device motion analyses. It is the most dependable and comprehensive tool for characterizing the surface of dynamic MEMS as well as other micro-devices. The microscope incorporates the recent advances...

3-D microscope / optical - ContourGT-K

Uncompromised Imaging and Metrology for Widest Range of Surfaces
Combining exceptional profiling performance, operator convenience, and affordability into one bench top instrument.
The ContourGT-K 3D Optical Microscope sets a new industry...

3-D microscope / optical - ContourGT-X

Automated, Gage-Capable Metrology for R&D and Production
Providing world's only self-calibrating, fully automated solution for production line metrolgy.

The fully automated, large-sample ContourGT-X 3D Optical Microscope combines...

3-D microscope / optical - NPFLEX™

The NPFLEX™ is a measuring equipment for analyzing large samples in a non-contact manner. This can be a complementary technology or individual metrology...

3-D microscope / optical - 0.1x - 5 000x, 54 Mpx | VHX-2000 series

The VHX-2000 series are digital microscopes unmatched by conventional ones and bring a whole new and improved...

optical microscope / 3-D - 2 Mpx | VHX-700F series

The VHX-700F enables consumers to leverage the major tasks of the VHX-2000, such as epth...

3-D microscope / optical - 8

This mechanical 3D-microscope has a large working distance of 175 mm. Thus the analysis of even larger objects is very simplified. The 3D-microscope provides a three-dimensional image of objects on a LC...

optical microscope / measuring / workshop - 200 x 100 mm | JX13CS

Measuring software adopts two touching display screens, to realize easy and quick data collection. Added local image magnification function and enhance aiming accuracy. It is widely used to measure size, angle, shape and position of various workpiece such as template, punching parts, cams, diameter, pitch of screw thread, guide screw, worm shaft...

optical microscope / LED illumination / measuring / automatic - 150 x 75 mm | JX14C

Digital imaging technology software can identify the boundary of the contour automatically, thus reduce human error and enhance operation efficiency. Equipped with powerful image processing software to accomplish complicated measurement tasks and realize communication with CAD. Provides various eyepieces and objectives to get a clear image and large view field.


optical microscope / measuring / automatic - 200 x 100 mm | JX13C

Equipped with powerful image processing software, can complete complicated measuring task; software data can communicate with CAD to complete surveying and mapping work. Digital imaging technology of the software can identify the boundary of the contour automatically, thus reduce human error and enhance operation efficiency.

The tool- maker's microscope is a multi-functional...

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