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new video KEYENCE FRANCE SAS 0.1x - 5 000x, 54 Mpx | VHX-2000 series
3D 0.1x - 5 000x, 54 Mpx | VHX-2000 series KEYENCE FRANCE SAS

With a depth-of-field and resolution that are unmatched by conventional optical microscopes, users can take imaging to...

new KEYENCE FRANCE SAS 2 Mpx | VHX-700F series
3D 2 Mpx | VHX-700F series KEYENCE FRANCE SAS

The VHX-700F allows users to leverage the main functions of the VHX-2000, such...

1 products Motic Europe
Motic Europe K Series
3D K Series Motic Europe

The Motic K-Series incorporates a common main objective (CMO) Infinity optical system. With this Infinity optical system the K-Series delivers distortion-free, three-dimensional and parfocal images throughout...

DME - Danish Micro Engineering A/S SNOMs
Scanning SNOMs DME - Danish Micro Engineering A/S

The tip scanner DS 95 is shear-force-microscope scanner, where the tip oscillates parallel to the sample surface. Instead of a cantilever, this scanner...

attocube systems AG attoSNOM III
Scanning attoSNOM III attocube systems AG

He attoSNOM III uses a non-optical, tuning fork based distance control system for highest stability and accuracy. This control system uses a piezoelectric quartz sensor for highly sensitive shear...

Nikon Metrology SMZ1000
Stereo zoom microscope with fiber optic lighting SMZ1000 Nikon Metrology

The SMZ1000, one of Nikon’s most advanced stereomicroscopes, incorporates a powerful...

LEONI Fiber Optics ZXXX-TF0-V1
Fiber optic inspection microscope ZXXX-TF0-V1 LEONI Fiber Optics

The LEONI FiberConnect is an ingenious product. It is designed for portability...

1 products Anritsu
Anritsu USB 200/400X
Fiber optic inspection microscope USB 200/400X Anritsu

The Anritsu type 545VIP Video Inspection Probe (VIP) application has a compact design consisting of one cable with a standard USB interface. It confers an ease...

3 products Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks FiberInspector™
Fiber optic inspection microscope FiberInspector™ Fluke Networks

FiberInspector Pro is used to analyze installed fiber termination or guarantee that terminations are smooth and clean. Dirt, dust and other pollutants are among the enemies...

Fluke Networks FiberViewer™
Fiber optic inspection microscope FiberViewer™ Fluke Networks

These FiberViewer microscopes makes certain that fiber terminations are clear and efficient. The premium cause of fiber link failure is dirty end faces and this is something...

Fluke Networks FiberInspector™ Mini
Fiber optic inspection microscope FiberInspector™ Mini Fluke Networks

Use FiberInspector™ Mini to examine installed fiber terminations or ensure terminations are smooth and clean. Avoid the #1cause of cause of fiber link failure: dirty end-faces. Dirt, dust and other...

5 products JDSU
Fiber optic inspection microscope FVA JDSU

FVA Benchtop Microscope fully automates the inspection process and is used to detect scratches that technicians may miss. FiberChekPRO™ then provides Pass/Fail results. Fully Automated FVA Benchtop...

Fiber optic inspection microscope FVD JDSU

Benchtop Microscope & Automated Inspection & Analysis Software High-resolution bench-top inspection software The FVD-series digital fiber microscope is used to inspect the polished surface or...

JDSU P5000i
Fiber optic inspection microscope P5000i JDSU

Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe provides PASS/FAIL capability to JDSU test solutions. The P5000i makes it fast and easy to certify that every connection in your network is clear and optimized....

JDSU FM-C/-L/-DI/-E series
Fiber optic inspection microscope with coaxial illumination FM-C/-L/-DI/-E series JDSU

Coaxial Illumination (FM-C), Dual-illumination (FM-DI) and oblique illumination (FM-E & FM-L) Handheld Optical Microscopes for Fiber Inspection. Coaxial Illumination (FM-C), Dual-illumination (FM-DI)...

Fiber optic inspection microscope HD3-P JDSU

Key Features Two microscopes in one system; inspect both the bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male) ends of fiber interconnect A/B switch on display lets users quickly toggle fiber views of bulkhead...

1 products EXFO
Fiber optic inspection microscope FIP-400 EXFO

Highly versatile probe to detect dirty/damaged connectors with unparalleled precision. Zoom In on Clarity It’s a known fact: optical network problems are often caused by dirty and/or damaged connectors....

Kingfisher International KI 6610
Fiber optic inspection microscope KI 6610 Kingfisher International

The Kingfisher FiberSafe Microscope is the tool of choice for checking unmated fibre optic connectors for dirt and end face quality. A combination of high quality construction and numerous innovative...

1 products Seikoh Giken
Seikoh Giken
Fiber optic inspection microscope Seikoh Giken

This unique microscope combines high quality optics with a modern and ergonomic design ideally suited to fiber optic inspection applications. Until the D-Scope, most microscopes were suffering from poor...

1 products Lumen Dynamics
Lumen Dynamics X-Cite®
Adapter X-Cite® Lumen Dynamics

X-Cite® illuminators connect to your microscope via a liquid light guide...

video Test Products International 8 000 px, 10 - 60 °C | 810
Fiber optic inspection microscope 8 000 px, 10 - 60 °C | 810 Test Products International

Model 810 Fiber Optic Inspection Tool. Use the 810 to perform non-invasive visual inspections of equipment including heat exchangers....

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