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5/8" Bore CR S/S Cylinder, Stud Mount, Rotating Rod

Additional Information

Action Double...

5/8" Bore CR S/S Cylinder, Universal Mount, Rotating Rod

Additional Information
Action Double...


The Series TRR rotary cylinder features aluminium housing with die-cast aluminium covers for extra durability and efficiency,...


The MRE Dual-Position Electronic Rotary Actuators from Gimatic feature an integrated motor driver, a fiber-carbon gear reduction function, an easy-to-use...


This cylinder belongs to Series 69. It has internal tie-rods and is double acting. It can be mounted using threaded holes in the central body by way of Series 60 brackets....

This profile-construction material is a double-acting unit made with aluminum which can be mounted...


Boasting the best features of two existing SMC products, Series MK and MK2, the latest series MK comes with all the features most requested by customers. These include a range of easily serviced rotary clamp cylinders,...


The Rotary DGB actuators are made in many DC motor and gearbox forms for bi-directional...


The rectilinear rotation unit uses a small cylinder...


This modern, compactly designed product features a single and double vane construction....

The Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuator is equipped with switches which can...


These actuators are generally used as laser beam...


CRAB 05 compact-designed rotary actuator with high static load capacity is perfect...

These rotary actuators of SFK is compactly built to give rotary motion which is either...


These devices are pinion rotary and pneumatic rack actuators, which feature standard rotations of...


The HTR Series actuator from Parker is fitted with a host of mechanical and hydraulic features making it perfect for top-level industrial applications. Integrated with a host of features...


- 3 positions
- Range of operating pressure: 4...8 bar
- Repeatability accuracy: 0.07° assoluta
- Operating temperature from -10°C...

- Range of operating pressure: 3.5...6.5 bar swivel / 3..8 gripper
- Repeatability accuracy: 0.09° swivel / 0.02 mm gripper
- Operating temperature from -10°C...

- Range of operating pressure: 4...8 bar
- Repeatability accuracy: 0.07° assoluta
- Operating temperature from -10°C a 90°C...

- Range of operating pressure: 4...8 bar pneumatic / 30 bar hydraulic
- Repeatability accuracy: 0.07° assoluta with external adjusting screw


This is an economical, forged-drive shaft with an axis and supply holes through which it can be...

This is a flexible module that has an infinitely variable 360-degree swivel angle. There are four positions...


The RD5-RD52 models are electric rotary actuators that are characterized by their...

The Electric rotary actuator RD4 series...


Halstrup's ST 120 KG Gear Actuator Units with Synchronous/DC Motors are manufactured out of ABS-based...


The pneumatic rack and pinion drive is designed to change a stroke motion into a rotation. This double-operating...


The Type 42 Series from AVM Automation is an integrated pneumatic cylinder that is driven by a rack and pinion system. This cylinder...


The PLM60 is a electric rotatry actuator that is specially designed to be used for 2 and 4 points movements. This device...

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