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pneumatic cylinder / rotational / clamping - MK-Z series

Boasting the best features of two existing SMC products, Series MK and MK2, the latest series MK comes with all the features most requested by customers. These include a range of easily serviced rotary clamp cylinders,...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - ø 32 - 125 mm, 90 - 360°, 1 - 10 bar | 69 series

This cylinder belongs to Series 69. It has internal tie-rods and is double acting. It can be mounted using threaded holes in the central body by way of Series 60 brackets....

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - ø 32 - 100 mm, 1.5 - 10 bar | TRR series

The Series TRR rotary cylinder features aluminium housing with die-cast aluminium covers for extra durability and efficiency,...

electric cylinder / rotational - 45 Ncm, 90° - 180° | MRE series

The MRE Dual-Position Electronic Rotary Actuators from Gimatic feature an integrated motor driver, a fiber-carbon gear reduction function, an easy-to-use...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / pallet - M/60280 series

This modern, compactly designed product features a single and double vane construction....

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - 1/8 - 1/2

The Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuator is equipped with switches which can...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - 90° - 360°, 140 - 250 psi | B671/F672, HP, PTR series

These devices are pinion rotary and pneumatic rack actuators, which feature standard rotations of...

electric cylinder / rotational - 12 - 36 VDC, max. 20 Nm | THOMSON®

The Rotary DGB actuators are made in many DC motor and gearbox forms for bi-directional...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - MRQ

The rectilinear rotation unit uses a small cylinder...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - MRQ

The HTR Series actuator from Parker is fitted with a host of mechanical and hydraulic features making it perfect for top-level industrial applications. Integrated with a host of features...

electric cylinder / rotational - max. 100 Nm | CRAB 05

CRAB 05 compact-designed rotary actuator with high static load capacity is perfect...

electric cylinder / rotational - CRAB 17

These rotary actuators of SFK is compactly built to give rotary motion which is either...

electric cylinder / rotational - CRAB 17

The HTR Series of HTR hydraulic rack and pinion rotary actuators are rugged, making them a good choice for diverse use in oil field...

electric cylinder / rotational - 355 ° | PLM60

The PLM60 is a electric rotatry actuator that is specially designed to be used for 2 and 4 points movements. This device...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - 1 - 74 Nm, 0° - 180° | PAO series

The Pneumatic swivel unit has repeatability accuracy of 0.07° and the operating pressure ranges 4 to 8 bar. The minimum operating temperature is-10°C to 90°C and the other version is...

hydraulic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - 4 - 154 Nm, 0° - 180° | PAO-MC series

The PAO-MC ID Hydraulic swivel actuator is technically designed in an intense tensile hard coated aluminum alloy and hard- anodized material. It has an operating pressure of 3 to 8 bar...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - 1 - 9 Nm | Type 42

The Type 42 Series from AVM Automation is an integrated pneumatic cylinder that is driven by a rack and pinion system. This cylinder...

electric cylinder / rotational - max. 1 256 mm/s, max. 2 200 rps | ZR series

The device adds an ZR Unit to a 2-axes System to Create a High Speed 4-axes System. The ZR unit is not only compact but also can be used as a standard configuration...

electric cylinder / rotational - max. 1 256 mm/s, max. 2 200 rps | ZR series

Helac Corporation, which has been considered an industry leader for the past 40 years, has successfully developed different hydraulic and helical rotary actuators capable of...

hydraulic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - 6 - 10 bar, -20 °C ... +80 °C, max. 200 mm

The pneumatic rack and pinion drive is designed to change a stroke motion into a rotation. This double-operating...

electric cylinder / rotational - max . 30 N, IP55 | ST 120 KG

Halstrup's ST 120 KG Gear Actuator Units with Synchronous/DC Motors are manufactured out of ABS-based...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - max. 360°, max. 150 psi | R series

The R Series Actuatoris a heavy-duty rack and pinion style...

pneumatic cylinder / rotational / rack-and-pinion - max. 250 psi | AR series

The torque rack on the AR Series produces the rotary output torque while the...

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